FM Show – Friday 8 November 2013

From h.23.00 (Gmt+1)

  • Special: The-Zone Rec 039 – Daniel Mehes
  • Live show with NEW Promo & Upcoming Releases
  • Special: Welcome To The Pleasure Dome 15
  • Mix’n’Night with The-Zone Official Podcast


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Techno sounds clean, powerful and technically very high.
Are the three words that characterize this release.
One track for three styles, different and compelling.

The original mix of Daniel Mehes, the basis of this release,
a track is perfectly in line with the sound that is conquering Europe,
with deep sounds perfect for two remixes signed A.Paul & Knobs,
two big names with techniques and different styles,
perfect to close a release not to be missed.
So good to warm up with the arrival of the cold!

Timeline: 23.00 - 01.00

Promo & Upcoming Releases Selection





  • Melogik Modular Visions EP (Le Galassie Di Seyfert 061)
  • Dr.Shingo Tokyo Ambience EP [Richter RMX] (Bass Works Recordings 029)
  • P.E.A.R.L. Order Decay EP (Falling Ethics 001)
  • Fabrizio Lapiana – Antimatter 2 EP (Attic Music Rec)
  • Eric Sneo – Vv.Aa. Remixes Compilation EP [A.Paul RMX] (Naked Lunch Pd058)
  • Heiko Laux & Alexander Lukat – Lucho Part 1 & 2 EP (Ovum Rec)
  • D.O.O.M. – A Insignifiant Moment EP [M.A.D.A. RMX] (Amazone Rec 052)
  • Frankyeffe – Hoch EP [Mikael Jonasson] (Trapez Dgt 149)
  • Silvia Trix – Conk EP [D Lewis RMX] (Plettro Rec 016)
  • Citizen Kain & Phuture Traxx – I Want You EP [Dustin Zahn] (Blufin Rec)
  • Quantic Spectroscopy – Faith In Athesist EP (Frakture Audio 026)
  • Alex Bau RDE EP (Kombination Research)
  • M.I.T.A. – Not Your Business EP [A-Brothers RMX] (Hybrid Confusion Rec)
  • Amir Razanica – Sekret EP [Paul Begge RMX] (Shout Rec 090)
  • RioTGeaR – Oops! EP (Yin Yang Rec 042)
  • Andreas Florin & Vegim – Vv.Aa. Best Of Wchr Rec LP (We Call It Hard Rec)
  • Paul Birken  – Executing Disappearing Modulations EP (Mord Rec 005)
  • Alfonso Sanchez  Acid Training EP (Biotech Rec 029)
  • Cristoph  – Shelter EP (Underground Audio)

Timeline: 01.00 - 02.00

Special: Welcome To The Pleasure Dome Pt.15

For all the Electronic/Electro music lovers! A remake exclusively for THE-ZONE of the radio program of Exile, that since the nineties until 2003 was broadcast every Friday on Radio Onda D’urto for northern Italy. The event usually is every last Friday of the month ( not this time ;) ), 60-minute electronic atmospheres selected from Exile. Welcome in the temple of the pleasure of listening to electronic music without being tied to gender and time… …Welcome To The Pleasure Dome Pt.15


Mano Le Tough ‎- Primative People Tale Of Us Remix (Permanent Vacation 108-1)
Vosper &  Bozzwell – Music For The Lost And Dead (Throne Of Blood 033)
Louis Kolben – Don’t Lose Your Way Eelke Kleijn Get Lost Re-Edit (Outside The Box Music 082)
Mind  Against – Atlant (Life And Death 014)
Petar Dundov – Moving (Music Man 039)
Ricardo Miranda – Machine Clash (Snuff Trax 009B)
Terence Fixmer – Bells (Electric Deluxe 031)
Nick Down – Tangled Up in String (Herzblut Recordings)
Acid Arab -Theme Original (Versatile Records 082)
Mario Giardini AKA Macro dj – Activate (Le Galassie Di Seyfert 059)
Matthew Herbert – It’s Only DJ Koze Remix (Pampa Records 012)
Jimpster – Rollergirl (Freerange Records 182)

Timeline: 02.00 - 05.00


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