Been Watching You EP

Axel Karakasisis is the undisputed king of Greek techno. Renowned not only for his amazing live 3 deck sets, he has releases dating back over the last 10 years – many of which have been techno chart toppers.

Here we find Greek Axel collaborating with The Zone Records from Rome, akin to ancient empire’s colliding, only great things can

On this the fifteenth release from The Zone Records, Axel’s signature sound can be found in all three originals.

“Been Watching you” is a track which will be played everywhere throughout the summer of 2011 and beyond, with its definitive bass bounce, punching perc and superfly groove.

Crazy tech rythym and pounding sounds grow into a crescendo of sonic rapture that are bound to keep all techno heads happy.

“Bite” raises the tempo a little and gives you a glimpse inside the head of Karakasis and what the man is capable of, with its sumptuous synth work and hardcore drum machine workouts -“Bite” is relentless and not for the faint hearted.

“Restricted Flow” is milder than the other two tracks, and is perfect stuff for getting a dance floor going with its infectious melody
and undeniable head nodding hypnotism.

This release offers a track for the start, middle and end of your night – the shame is you won’t want the night to end.