Wayfarer EP

Massive Kicks, reverberate snares, echoed hypnotic synths, industrial loops and dark vocals are the elements of the Gymmy J‘s second release on The-Zone Records, and this time in duo with Angy Kore, established Italian-techno exponent in the world.
The remixes tasks are covered by the experienced hands of Dandy & Ugo, Monocraft and Deh-Noizer.
Wayfare EP, 29th label release, bring out the true techno spirit through his two main peculiarities:
hypnotism and rhythmic groove.
An impressive journey into different styles:
The Original mix and the Monocraft’s mix sharpen more the mental side of the release through hypnotic and deep sounds, with dark voice samples capable to create rarefied atmospheres and industrial backgrounds.
While the Dandy & Ugo and Deh Noizer remixes bring out all the dance rhythmic side of the release creating an explosive mix that can warm up the more demanding dance floors.
An excellent release, for an incoming summer!
Wear your seatbelts, let’s go!