Prehypnotic Deluxe EP

The first The-Zone Rec vinyl, finally on digital!
After the great success of this summer, Logotech strike back with this amazing release now in digital!
Prehypnotic original with great remixes from Audio Injection, Samuli Kemppi, Space Djz,
and with some great bonus tracks: Hypnotic and PostHypnotic original mix, where you can find all logotech’s rythms and styles.
Including a special remix from Marco Asoleda e Roman Kramer.
You can’t miss this release! From one of the best techno vinyl, coming a great OMG Techno digital release!

Dutch Duo Hackler & Kuch dare to deviate from the considered current constraints of contemporary techno, creating carefully crafted club killers of colossal proportions.

Here in conjunction with Italy’s undisputed masters of underground Techno, The Zone Records, we find them letting loose with their Duck & Cover EP.

Three sublime original tracks with three stunning remixes to match, the Duck & Cover EP will satiate even the most demanding techno zealots.

Title track “Duck & Cover” effortlessly escalates from eerie beginnings into an enormous monster of a track, its elements maintained and courteously remixed by Cologne’s Cortechs.

Second track “NLS” is a souped-up, high powered white knuckle rider of a tune which suspends belief with its sheer intensity, impressively remixed by Italy’s own Logotech.

“Weedhacker” wheedles its way into your brainwaves with its wondrous percussion whilst it’s winsome vocal whacks away at your frontal lobe synapses, ravishing remix alterations made by Austria’s a grade techno son Niereich.

The Zone records imprint is now synonymous with the term quality techno.

Once again we find them here imparting another ballistic banging balls-out release, this time bringing in Brit big guns the Space DJz.

Three top-drawer original tracks from the UK’s outstanding & enduring underground techno duo of Ben Long and Jamie Bissmire, alongside two remixes from new school champions Knobs and Logotech.

Something extraordinary from the Space DJz, slowing it down some especially for the Zone Records, and showing all they can mix it up contemporary style and differ from their usual relentless heavy techno operandi.

Supporting remixes from Knobs and Logotech ensure a remarkable calibre release that will possibly be the best techno EP of the summer if not the year.

After a long friendship with “The-Zone” crew here is a shows of 4 truly monstrous tracks.

Perfect style of dark creepy techno. Slow, heavy and hypnotic!

Minimal blends with Techno in all 4 tracks of this EP.

Industrial pads melt with hypontic ones, deep basses with powerful rhythmics that all together form something he himself called “Ride Groove” emphasising this with the name of the ep itself “Geometric” also highlighting the historical connection between music and mathematics.

Listening to “Triangular” and “Cubic” on side A you are pulled into a spatial and hypnotic sensation while the powerful rhythms of “Circular” and “Prismic” of side B are powerful dancefloor killers.

Another big techno release for The Zone Records!

The tenth release of the label “The-Zone Records”, it could not be a celebration as it should During the 5 years of the Amazone Records, “The-Zone” called the label’s owner, one of the most active exponents of techno “last generation”.

Straight from France, Mr. Marco Asoleda closes 2010 with a big bomb!

The Ep is structured in two original tracks plus 2 Remix. The Original tracks “Darky” and “Tool” have the unmistakable stamp of Marco Asoleda’s music, usually heard in the production of Amazone Records.

A style where deep bass and hypnotic synth create an atmosphere of darkness and underground, where the subwoofers are the masters. Perfect tracks to start a big party.

While the two remixes outsource what is the basis Asoleda Music.

Techno version of “Darky” where Logotech enhances the hypnotic element, the depth of the original drum, transforming it into a war machine for the subwoofers.

Peja has a version of “Tool” more tech-house, very elegant, with a mix of drums, bass and synth,perfect for the dancefloor… keeping the hypnotism.