Acid Heat EP

First production only “ACEEEEEEED” for The Zone Records.

Night Orchestra, a young dutch artist, is the protagonist of “The Challenge acid”.

After the second release in which the protagonist was the “old school electro” signed by Aux 88 and Debonaire, this release is still the ghetto music that breaks through the wall separating the market from analog to digital… without compromise.

One release focuses on the power of TB 303, the magic box that can transform a bass line in a sound without borders.

A european acid production that reminds us the old settings of Hardfloor and 90s Acid Party atmosphere.

Vocals hypnotism and altered consciousness are the themes on the tracks “Abandoned Factory” and “MDMA”.

While on the B-side “Few Seconds”… Night Orchestra hits the full heart of the dancefloor, mixing perfectly electric bass and drum machines.

Ends the EP with the track “State Of Mind” where the bass, drums and synths… creates an effect lysergic acid, without side effects.