Natura Contro EP

The collaboration between The-Zone and the axis Richter-Japan continue with this new Techno production.
The two originals track “Natura Contro” and “Perceptions” by Richter, are an example of the great compositional technique and the continuous experimentation of Richter that adds to the classic style of dark-techno a groove nicely, where pads are supported by deep mental and consists of a rhythmic and percussive elements with voices almost imperceptible .
The 3 remixes are by artists who are now highly visible in the international electronic world:
Dj Wada completely distorts “Natura Contro” through riffs and melodic sounds coming from the culture of video games with the addition of samples of classic old school techno.
DavidChristoph accentuates the darker part in a more European style with a more sustained rhythm where the voice accompanies the journey of pads.
To close Dr.Shingo with his “Perceptions” remix, emphasizes the mental part of the art of Richter through a much more minimal interlocking rhythms powerful.
An EP not to be missed, with a techno of real quality !

“Dark and Dreamy” are the perfect words for our Christmas ep!
This time is Italian Gabriele Negro aka Richter time to strike on The-Zone Records.
Percussion, voices and rhythms with dark pads of infleunza synth-pop reverberated are the elements that make up “Altrove EP”
where an original and 3 remixes are able to create a ‘setting totally tied to fantasy worlds and distant
Nishimura emphasizes the fantastic side-ritual through the interlocking percussion and spatial sounds reverberated, Johan Aftregrow instead proposes the Dark side most stirring rhythmic groove and synth industrial, while the hypnotic mind is left to his fellow-partner Frank Vitta.

An EP that fully expresses the concept of “Trip and Groove.”
Merry Christmas