Robotic Refuel EP

Here comes the second EP signed Space DJZ
the great English duo back on The-Zone Records with a great job.
“The Dark Side of Techno” is expressed by a thin line between oldschool style to a Newschool that only the great experience of this duo,
now part of history, has been able to expertly packed.
“Booster Intro”, totally Ambient, opened just this futuristic scenario through dark synths and a very deep sounds of industrial machinery.
With Robotic Refuel and Inject & Generate, tracks we hear a powerful rhythmic sequences composed of deep Kicks, Hit Hat and resonant percussion,
synths combined with deep and dark, creating a scenario in which we seem to hear the screams of mechanical monsters that herald a revolution against the power of man.
Two Tracks that are reminded a little of the famous TheMover’s productions.
The “late night” version of Robotic Refuel recall the Detroit’s style, more clubbing, underlining once again the origins, by those who know them well, the world Techno.

The Zone records imprint is now synonymous with the term quality techno.

Once again we find them here imparting another ballistic banging balls-out release, this time bringing in Brit big guns the Space DJz.

Three top-drawer original tracks from the UK’s outstanding & enduring underground techno duo of Ben Long and Jamie Bissmire, alongside two remixes from new school champions Knobs and Logotech.

Something extraordinary from the Space DJz, slowing it down some especially for the Zone Records, and showing all they can mix it up contemporary style and differ from their usual relentless heavy techno operandi.

Supporting remixes from Knobs and Logotech ensure a remarkable calibre release that will possibly be the best techno EP of the summer if not the year.