AIMA aka Sergey Smirnov and Andrey Afanasyev
The AIMA project was created at the beginning of 2012 in the city of Murmansk (Russia).
The AIMA project was created absolutely casually, sudden acquaintance and love to one style!
Well and after an exit of 1 track to Dark and Sonorous Rec/guys start understanding that it only began,
and start densely and doing persistently tracks and remixes, to let out releases, to get good support!
But at the beginning of 2013, in the project there was not big not a consent, and at present one person is engaged in the AIMA project!
But it didn’t stop process of creation of ideas, and on the contrary it is possible to tell what even gave a push on new taste and more extensive review!
At present on preparation there are a lot of releases and collaborations with good musicians for me! So it only began for AIMA

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