Danny Smith

Danny Smith Bio

Born in Perth, but raised in Glasgow, Danny got the techno virus from his older brother, back in the golden 90s.
Started djing in the middle of the 2000’s and teamed along Leon Watson (half of Clutch Slip) to start producing in 2010.
The two of them, plus Leons partner in the Clutch Slip project, Twandy, created their own label, Clutch Trax, in 2012.
Since then they’ve been delivering a great deal of powerful, dark, bigroom and solid techno.

Danny has releases on a number of top labels including Brood, Freitag, Hybrid Confusion, Refluxed, Italo business, Among,
True Type Tracks, Favor., Tekx and his own imprint Clutch Trax, with many more tracks & remixes in the pipeline,
he continues to make waves in the world of techno!

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