Dr.Shingo Bio

Techno / Tech-house DJ / Producer based on Tokyo, Japan.
Resident DJ of WOMB CLUB Tokyo.

While studying at Berklee College of Music in Boston, was quite influenced by the world of German electronic music such as Kraftwerk etc.
Upon this influence, he found the possibility of expressing his creativity in the field of electronic music and started his production.
In year, He made a debut by his single “Have you ever seen the blue comet?”.
It was released by Forte Records in Geremany. The single was followed by his 1st original album “Dr.Shingo’s Space Odd- yssey”, which was released worldwide.
Both his single and album includes a remix by Takkyu Ishino,Ural 13 Diktators received great acclaim from DJs/Producers all around the world.
In 2004, Shingo released his 2nd album “Eclipse” focusing on Electro sound. He also put out single “Taxi Alien EP” as SUNRISE from the label Electric Avenue by Monika Kruse. In the same year, DVD&CD album “7 colors” was released as Dr.Shingo & E.Sawado.
In 2006, Shingo released his 3rd album “Initiation” from Music Mine Japan.
In March 2010, A massive earthquake hit Touhoku-Japan. Dr. Shingo and Q’hey who is the important icon DJ in Japanese techno scene decided to establish charity organization called ” BPM (Be Positive by Music) JAPAN ” after the big tragedy happened.
68 of Electronic music artists all over the world contributed their brilliant tracks for BPM JAPAN with pure charity mind and BPM JAPAN released 3 compilation album.

Dr.Shingo has been very active in DJing and Live PA as well. In 2004 and 2005, He performed a brilliant live-set at legendary club,Tresor in Berlin. In Germany, he also played live set in “Wipe Out Pure Music Festival”.
Besides Germany, he has toured Spain (ex. Florida 135…), France (ex. La villa Rouge..), Italy (ex. TENAX…), UK(ex. Fabric…), China, Korea, Indonesia (ex. Stadium…), Taiwan and Singapore (ex. Zouk…) as well.
As he sets his home ground in Japan, Shingo has played in Big Festivals such as FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL 06, WIRE11, etc… He performs in mega clubs and parties like ageHa and Womb which he appears as resident DJ. He has gained high appraisal through his PA/DJ works. He is the resident DJ of “Cross Mountain Nights” at WOMB which running over 10 years (since 2001) and leading Japanese Techno music scene until now.

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