Hystericmaniak Bio

Matthew Agius born 8/05/1986 was influenced by techno music from the age of 11.
He used to buy tapes and cd albums, and also trying to produce some music of his own using computer software at an early age.
He was always into music and at the age of 14 he used to attend to a studio called ”Black Toe” where he used to practice everyday and improvement was shown as months were passing by.
His first gig was at a small club in Malta organised by FACT music agency, and after his performance the crowd seemed to be quite interested in this young guy.
Then he was invited to be a resident at Redsquare Club by Fused Djing every Saturday night.
He had a good response from Maltese crowd, and he performed together with big names such as, Tobias Schmidt, Bill youngman, Lars Klein, Carl Max, Dj Rush, Pet Duo, Dj Dexon, Oliver Ho, Mario Ranieri, Dj Spark, Felix Krocher, Tobias Luke aka OBI, Greg Notill, Waldhaus & Weichentechnikk, Sven Wittekind, reche & recall, Dave Clarke, Phil kieran, NDK, Bass Invaders, TSR, Anthony Rother, Andy Norman, Boris S, Arkus P, Robert Natus, Kaoz, Mark Hawkins, Eddie Halliwell, Smash Tv, Neil Landstrum, Dave Tarrida, Johannes Heil, Umek, Scan X and more.
His first love was hard techno music, organising one of the biggest Hard techno events in Malta called EVIL ARTILLERY (2006 – 2010).
He invited over alot of artists such as, Greg Notill, Spark Taberner, Waldhaus, Weichentechnikk, Dj Amok, Viper XXL, Felix Krocher, OBI, A.Paul, Eric Sneo, Par Grindvik & many more… Evil Artillery was a Huge event for 4 consecutive years, hosted in the best clubs in Malta, Sky club, Amazonia, Liquid & Tattingers.
Now Hystericmaniak took another direction with techno music, and he is more after the new techno sound following artists such as, A-Brothers, Niereich, Space Djz, Hackler&Kuch, Spark Taberner, Logotech, Knobs, Mike Humphries, Glenn Wilson, Submerge, Virgil Enzinger &.much more
He started releasing alot of good material (2011) with labels like, Hybrid Confusion, Battered, Shout, Gobsmacked, AAAAAH!, Voodoo, Bass Assault, Elektrax & much more to come working with alot of artists such as, Oliver Kucera, Frank Kvitta, Spark Taberner, Knobs, Overlook Hotel, Hugo Paixao & more.
He also founded a new Techno label with the name of BASS ASSAULT RECORDS (2011) with a concept in mind to mix the best young producers with much bigger names.
Dont miss this Hystericmaniak behind the decks, believe me its one hysterical techno show!!

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