Industrialyzer Bio

Ricardo Rodrigues is the kind of artist that’s best described as ‘self-made’. His road to success
took him from his birth town Lisbon, all the way to Holland, and then to Barcelona. Recently he
felt it was time to return to his roots, and set up Industrialyzer’s headquarters in Amsterdam, the
capital of the country where he truly discovered Techno, raves, and everything that makes
people fall in love with this scene.
Getting his name on the bill of the events he plays today has not been an easy job. Because
Ricardo plays and produces the kind of uncompromising electronic music he does, it’s been a
struggle to compete with rapidly changing trends, and the !ckle mistress that is the electronic
music industry. Let’s be fair, if in the last decade you weren’t willing to diverge to House,
Minimal, or some other fashionable sub genre to please the whims of the crowd, you probably
didn’t have an easy time making your way.
Luckily, the thing with talent is that it only takes one person to be recognised and nourished.
For Rodrigues this person was fellow Portuguese Cisco Ferreira, aka The Advent. Call it kindred
spirits, call it whatever you want; the two immediately hit it o” and started exchanging musical
ideas from the get go.
Quickly a#er their encounter, Ricardo started releasing on imprints as Drumcode, MB Electronics,
Bush, Patterns, Mote Evolver and of course The Advent’s Kombination Research. By now
there are a huge number of Industrialyzer originals to underline Rodrigues’ gi# for speaking to
the masses through stripped down, high energy Techno. Also he’s delivered many remixes and
reworks with the Advent for the likes of Umek, Green Velvet, Pig&Dan, Alex Bau, and Tom Hades
to name a few.
Today, Industrialyzer’s plays the best underground festivals and clubs around the globe, both
solo and with Cisco. Nature One, Awakenings, Day and Night Festival, Berghain, Tresor, well…
you know the brand names. He also runs Codeworks, reserved mainly for a selection of the
duo’s joint output. Just as most good Portuguese wines traditionally have a Reserva label.


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