Logotech Bio

Born in Naples on 7th May 1988, with an innate love for electronic music at the age of 11 years began a path of growth and musical experimentation, channeled into Techno.

Logotech’s adolescence was marked by hearing and contamination of big producers like: Speedy J, Chris Liebing and the “schranz” movement, James Ruskin, Surgeon, Regis, Umek, Savinto, Plastikman, Adam Beyer, The Advent, Ben Sims, Tomie Nevada, Alex Bau, Marco Carola, Gaetano Parisio and Dave Clarke.

Logotech in 2008 began to release his works and in 2009 his tracks achieve excellent results like the support from big artists as: Umek, Rino Cerrone and Markantonio; and the  presence of his track, Mr. D.A.S.P.O. on Ketra Records, in the weekly MUST HEAR TOP 10 TECHNO of Beatport.

In 2010 his continuous quality work allow the digital and viniyl release of his tracks on label such as: Skyline Type Grooves, Naked Lunch, Gynoid Audio, Transmissions, Amazone, Innervate, Vokodek, etc.
Parallel to the incessant music production, Logotech’s joins a massive amount of live act both at parties and as a podcast and radio show: Logotech’s live sets, switching between Minimal to Techno, keeping dark atmospheres and stomp beat chained to a ride groove.

His sound hypnotizing and involving every dancefloor and the crowd reaction is always amazing.  Named by Cisco Ferrera aka The Advent as one of the best newcomer during his intreview on Blind Spot Radio, Logotech continues his production work with increasing urge, making tracks whit eclectic musicality, ranging from Dark Techno to Minimal Industrial.