Monocraft Bio

Monocraft was born in Debrecen, Hungary.
He came from the underground techno scene and started Djing and buying vinyls in 1999.
He received lots of inspirations and energy from artists like: The Advent, Steve Stoll, Plastikman, La Monde, Oliver Ho, Jeff Mills, Surgeon, James Ruskin, Adam Beyer or Marco Carola.
At this time he was playing in a little club from week to week where he could show his unique sound.
After many successful years he received great deal of invitations to different clubs and events in Hungary.
For a time he made a little detour during these years into the world of faster and harder techno but in 2006 he returned to his real roots.
At the end of 2009 he started to work on his own tracks and got his first release in January 2010 with Damolh33, and right than landed on the Top 100 Minimal Downloads at Beatport.
Since then he had releases at labels like Android Muziq, Phobiq, Silent Steps, Brood Audio or Elektrax and his works are played by big names like Dave Clarke, Luke Slater or Richie Hawtin.
His music is a combination of minimal and techno with strong basslines, pounding grooves and dark impressions.

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