The Model

The Model Bio

There’s no need to write long, laborious introductions about The Model. He’s progressed way beyond this. I suspect you don’t need me to tell you about the string of successful releases under his belt for some of the world’s hottest labels. I suspect you don’t need to know about how he’s been devoting himself to his production over the past few years – because the proof is out there.

The Model doesn’t just have his own sound – he’s crafting out his own genre: Dark Techno Baroque. It’s a suitably intriguing title for one of the most intriguing personalities in the business. Why Dark Techno Baroque? Dark cause it’s dark;
Techno cause it is techno; Baroque because it’s vital, alive, huge and highly decorated. With his aristocratic mannerisms and his passion for high fashion and low fetish, it also happens to pretty succinctly sum up part of his unique personality. Set against a backdrop of refined charm, there’s an underbelly of something dark and brutal that runs through everything he does. Put it this way: The Model ain’t for chilling. As anyone who’s seen him DJ will certainly attest…

The Model is as known for his performances as he is for his productions. Your average DJ, he certainly isn’t. Don’t expect him to show up with a box of records wearing a baggy tee-shirt: The Model is a showman. He takes the art of DJing and takes it somewhere else completely. Because DJing is about show. He’s aware of the need to satisfy an audience – never to self-indulgent, never too deep, always leaving people begging for more. Like his own tracks, he manages to strike the perfect balance between pushing people that bit further and giving them what they know they want.

Having come up from nowhere in a very short space of time, this is the sound for people who know what they want and who know where they’re going. The sound for people who aren’t afraid to do something different. The sound for people who lead. Because that’s what the model does best. Trust me, it looks like he’ll be doing it for some time to come…