Aug/Sept 2014 - A Burning Dream on Vimeo

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here’s the official announcement:

We are glad to announce that the first day of Burning Man Festival 2014 is also the release date of the documentary A Burning Dream on Vimeo On Demand.

A Burning Dream is the personal journey of a man looking for answers ending up to the biggest artistic event of the planet.
When Massimiliano loses his best friend, he starts wondering about the sense of living life in a rushed and unsatisfied society. He starts a journey, taking him from Rome to London, San Francisco and eventually to the Burning Man Festival, Nevada, an experience that shifts his perspective forever. The Festival is a human experiment: a city of 60.000 people built in the middle of nowhere in the Black Rock Desert based on artistic radical expression. Music, in all its possible forms, is the core of the event. The best artists of the world gather there to get to the final day when the whole city is burned down through a cathartic ritual.

The music score of the documentary has been composed by talented musicians as Huva Network, Alex Plowright and Sync24.

Pat Ferns – International Institute for Television Leadership Director
“A wonderfully observed personal film, full of insight, stunning images and
great characters. Brilliant soundscape and music. Highly recommended.”