31 Marzo 2012 - History Of Detroit @ London

After being blown down by the reaction to our first night back in November which featured Subject Detroit Records’ own DJ Bone and Stephen Brown amongst others, we’ve been working hard on round two…without further ado, and are pleased to now have everything in place: March 31st 2012 will see us return to the Rhythm Factory to showcase none other than Detroit’s own SCAN 7. Underground to the point of masking their own identity with ninja masks during performances, Scan 7 have been a driving force in Detroit Techno for the past twenty years. Having cut their teeth on two of the biggest and most influential labels in the history of techno, UR and Tresor, their deep set pedigree is undeniable. Two timeless albums; “The Dark Territory” and “Resurfaced”, both on Tresor, set their name in stone, and have since gone on to release on Laurent Garnier’s F Communications, Wallshaker, and Cratesavers,
Their uncompromising live shows have become legendary in techno and are one of the main reasons they are held in the esteem that they are. In March this year we’re very pleased to say we’re bringing Scan 7 to London for a very rare, and very raw, live performance here in the UK.

Next up on the bill we have a welcome return for Liverpool wunderkind John Heckle on a residential basis. After absolutely torching room two back in November, John has continued his impeccable production form and will return in March, drum machine and a bag of records in hand, to weigh in on the main room goings on…


A History of Detroit residents Tom Long [Motor/Colour] and Larry Cavelle [W.A.R.M.T.H.313 / Alta Ego] head up the remainder of a bill teeming with international talent, the rest of which is detailed below…

GEORGE LANHAM [The-Zone / Technopodcast.com – Spain]
DJ Mourad [W.A.R.M.T.H.313 / Wallshaker – Sweden]
Darkmode [Biotech Recordings / Alta Ego]
D-Former [W.A.R.M.T.H.313 / Lo-Deep Recordings – France]
Alex Mason [Substance D / Alta Ego – Germany]
LoopRobber [L&R Electronic / Alta Ego – Scotland]
Hold it down [Manchester]