Cave Of Forgotten Dreams EP

The-Zone Records celebrates Christmas 2017 with a great Ep from the Crew that represents the true “Underground Movement of Rome”:
Minimal Rome.
Gianluca Bertasi aka Teslasonic and Valerio Lombardozzi aka Henrich Dressel, start their new project, with the 2 original tracks “Cave of Forgotten Dreams” and “The Whip hand”, set in a dark scenery, with 4/4 rhythm and deep bass interwoven with the melodies of space synths.
While the Remix of “Cave of Forgotten Dreams” signed by Luciano Lamanna,
explodes the urban anger of the deep and distorted bass of the original, ready for an explosive dancefloor

Christmas release’s coming!
The-Zone Cult has prepared for you a great surprise!
Finally in our roster comes a brother of The-Zone but also a great artist: THE MODEL, of Gigolo Rec and Crosstown Rebels fame, owner of the label Adult Central, authentic eclectic techno genius, with two fantastic tracks with pure Detroit soul on it!
The Model has recently been invited by Jamie Jones to remix for his Hottrax label, and now digs deep into his vault for two unreleased songs of pure old-school spirit.
So the remix could only be entrusted to a real DJ and pioneer of Detroit Techno scene:
DJ 3000 from UR and the founder of Motech Rec. In the remix you can feel all his inimitable sound!
No need to say more, three tracks perfect for the dance floor.
This is our Christmas gift!

Old School is the keyword that best characterizes the sounds from Tunisian artist Dj Mourad.
From Tunis Diaspora crew.
Pioneers of Detroit Techno in Africa, signing the 3rd release on The Zone Cult
with “Southerm Frontier Ep”.
Bass lines, melodies linked to the classical tradition of Detroit Techno. Percussion and
the “classic” 909 are the elements that characterize the two tracks that make up the EP.
“Oozz” is the clear expression of Soul Techno with a spiritual rhythmic groove.
(Oozz, also be released on vinyl for Diaspora216 Rec, continuing this great partnership.)
“Step Out” instead has the full influence of African music. Style that blends the old with new
in a mixture ready for the most sophisticated dancefloor