Retrospective EP

ENG: After the participation in the TZN002 of the pioneer of the movement Debonaire,
it is time for another great representative of the Miami-ElectroBass:
Larry McCormick aka Exzakt.
Six “Old School” Electro tracks make up “Retrospective Ep”.
A sound path in the deep background of the artist that allowed him the development of his current unmistakable “Exzakt’s sound”.
Powerful rhythms supported by full-bodied basses, voices and dark pads in all 6 tracks recall Larry McCormick’s passion for video-game music, Underground Resistance’s electro Detroit, and the groove from Egyptian Lover and Dynamix II.
Our Heart is in Miami and yours?

ITA: The-Zone Records chiama il movimento della Miami-Bass per la seconda volta.
Dopo la partecipazione nel TZN002 del pioniere del movimento Debonaire,
è il momento di un altro grande rappresentate della Miami-ElectroBass:
Larry McCormick aka Exzakt.
Sei tracce in puro stile Electro OldSchool compongono “Retrospective Ep”.
Un percorso sonoro nel profondo background dell’artista che gli ha permesso lo sviluppo del suo attuale inconfondibile “Exzakt’s Sound”.
Ritmiche potenti supportate da bassi corposi, voci e pad dark in tutte le 6 tracks, richiamano la passione di Larry McCormick per la musica dei video giochi, per l’Electro Detroit degli Underground Resistance e per il groove riferito alle produzioni di Egyptian Lover e Dynamix II.
Our Heart is in Miami ed il tuo?

After 5 years The-Zone Records traces the label history till now through 20 tracks!
The best tracks from: THE ADVENT – AUX 88 – AUDIO INJECTION – ALEX BAU

New year and new surprises on The Zone Records
The first release highlights the concept of electronic music without borders and barriers.
Is ARZ, a totally eclectic artist with a unique and personal style which he called “sophisticated banger sound” to open the new year.
From Punk to Dub passing through the Electro and’s so difficult to categorize ELEMENTS EP.
6 tracks of qualitative impact and totally analog capable of wrapping a unique product for electronics music lover
A true mental journey through soundscapes where the infinite power of imagination can go deeper and deeper.
Lines of low electro classic Detroit merge with precious pad and rhythmic broken clearly influenced by experimental high school English as representatives
Squarepusher and Aphex Twin
It’s the best way for a new year’s start!
Electronic Music with No barriers

Electro is the music of robots, and robots, nowadays, are conquering the Russia, with the help of newcomer ALH.

Hard to believe that this debut EP is coming from the East, where ice and lowest temperatures have the power during the full year.

Every track has something of special, a kaleidoscope with a lot of influences: from Detroit Electro (Dx Game, Igm) with a lot of basses, synthetic melodic lines and synchopated rhythms, to Breaks and Breakbeat (Last Rave, Apparatus) via Electro Techno in drexciyan mode with Acid influences (Cyborg, Nationalist), which sounds as the perfect mix between music from sea and music coming from the laboratories of mad scientist.

Have you ever think to robot zar who brings new music to Kremlin and Red Square?

[Giosuè Impellizzeri]

The evolution of the history of music to Electro and Miami Bass response ITALIAN is the protagonist in the second release of The-Zone Records.

Side A is signed by artists, experimenting in the 80’s and low 90’s drum machines and synthetic, have given rise to new musical forms, still points of reference for the new generations, respectively defined Electro-Techno and Miami Bass.

From the industrial city of Detroit Michigan, Aux 88 transformed the Afrikabambataa’s electro funk on techno sounds from the world originating in their city. While in Florida (“Planet of the bass”).

Debonaire has skill fully combined the American Rap with the imposing German electro bass power, voice and scratch, creating an explosive groove for the dancefloor.

Two tracks in collaboration with their friend and one of the highest electro pioneer made in Italy, Max Durante, who knew how to mix low rolling, electrical items and broken beats recreating setting really old school.

Ketty Boccia is the featuring appear on track with Debonaire and Max Durante, she is an important figure of the Techno-Electro Italian movement.

The B side is all signed by Max Durante. Two tracks , the expression of what has always been the bridge between the musical sound of Detroit and Rome

The debut release combines two of the projects that The-Zone (formerly as the radio program) has always supported… two worlds and different ways of representing the electronic dance music.

The A side is signed by Cisco Ferreira aka The Advent, at the moment one of the Techno BIG artist for the incredible evolution that gave the genre and sound functional for the dancefloor.

With the collaboration of Industrialyzer (Live set partner) present two explosive bomb tracks.

The B side is signed by the Minimalrome label crew, which represents the pure electro sound from Italy in the world.

Three tracks influenced by their starting roots… Drexicya, Dopplereffekt ‘s Electro Pure Detroit.