Jump EP

The Legendary HOUZ’MON enjoy The-Zone records family with two amazing tracks! The real soul of Chicago in it!!!
With a very special featuring by another legend “FAST EDDIE” and “MIKEOMAT”
Can’t miss the new incredible release from the CULT series of The-Zone Records!
Out in September

Here comes the second chapter of The-Zone’s new CULT collection!
Azo still protagonist , this time with another woman with a beautiful voice: Kamikaze Mary
303 and beautiful voices , these are the main ingredients of this fabulous Ep!
Taste super summer !


The-Zone present the new CULT collection!
The-Zone CULT (since 2015) will produce and distribute sounds related to “Old School’s” style,
the roots of electronic dance culture.
Electro, Acid-house, Experimental and more gernes.
A new adventure that will captivate everyone, from the “old” lovers to younger!


First release with a big tribute to House and Acid-House Chicago Music.
A sign is very talented Belgian duo formed by Azo (composer and keyboardist) and Dj Lovepills (essential DJ and composer)
with “Friday Horror Night” Ep.
Instrumentation absolutely analog, as the magic box Roland TB 303, the famous Yamaha synthesizers and the legendary drum machine Roland Tr 707.
The EP consists of 4 true “Cult Tracks” remember the productions on historical Marshall Jefferson’s Trax Records, up to those of Adonis and Ralphi Rosario.
A great response, Made in Europe, to the 80s Chicago House and Acid-house music.


The 19th release by The Zone Records is a great debut and a “special gift” for the summer! As the title suggests (something different) something different, Something unique and cool that was missing at this label.

The latest releases were totally techno, with this new label wants to remember his vision of “electronic music to 360°”.

It’s a surprise completely played acoustic and analogic , absolutely eclectic.

Seven tracks signed by the duo TraXiss where Pop, Funk, Chicago House, Disco, Breakbeat and imagination blend together to create the sound of this new French reality. A band that is not satisfied with the groove and digitally sampled sounds, but rather, they love the analog sound with electric guitars, acoustic bass, vocals live and much much more.

“March Of The Ghosts” is the song that opens the album where bass, drums, pad, scratch are mixed in a perfect and brilliant style to recall the sound of “Gorillaz” and Other Big International names of Pop.

“Brothers & Sisters” is the real gem of the album. The Vocal Live of Medi Roch is the French response to the influence of the DISCO with the classic Chicago House, a must for collectors.

The journey then moves sound from DISCO to Electronic Funk “Improve”, where electric guitars, acoustic bass, percussion, drum machines and Fx give the perfect example of how to integrate the electronics noise.

In “Veridik” and “Look the Bitch” takes over the rhythm in 4 / 4 perfect for the dance floor with electro bass, effects and vocal samples, creating a sound more European influence close to the production of “Chemical Brothers” and “Daft Punk “.

The end of the album is without words. Two pearls which will remain in our minds for so long. The first is “Microcosmos” HipHop gearing with references to soundtracks of popular arcade games 80s ,in this case the “Luigi’s Theme” revisited so incredible, totally echo sound environments from the world of fantasy to the sounds as “Boards Of Canada”.

The second is “Au Revoir” smooths out the groove and feeling leaving almost five minutes with his hands up, the perfect “grand finale” for all your big event, you really left speechless.

From one year of the birth of the label, this release also celebrates the tenth anniversary of the radio program The-Zone, Italian icon for lovers of electronic music… and now is a big label too!