Thursday 8 May 2014

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#85 Roberto Figus


01 Leo Anibaldi – Feed 1 – Cannibald Records
02 Function –  Variance (Function Reduced Edit) Sandwell District
03 Logotech – Prehypnotic – The-Zone Records LTD
04 Attemporal & Ness – Undefined Time Lapse – Synewave
05 Claudio PRC – Oes – Prologue
06 (3Kz) Kaelan & Z.i.p.p.o  – Perception – Suburban Avenue
07 Truncate – Reflex V2 – Truncate
08 Rroberto Figus – Sorting II – Etichetta Nera LTD
09 (3Kz) Kaelan & Z.i.p.p.o  – Bounder (Mark Broom Remix) Suburban Avenue
10 Robert Hood – Untitled 1 (Taken From Moveable Parts Chapter 1) (Mark Broom Edit) M-Plant
11 Myk Derill – M – RE(FORM)
12 Tadeo – Uncertainty – M_REC LTD



Mick Finesse,  They sex Machine,  Perc Remix
Josh winx Sixth Sense -Vocal
Gary Beck Feel It, Bek
Technoyzer, Hyperspace
House of God Sample
Brendon Moeller, Wanderer, Jonas Kopp Remix
Djorvin Clain Sub Sequence
The Advent, Work, Spiriakos Remix
Submerge, Dismantle, Octave Remix
LA Riots, The Drop, Duke Demont Remix
Truncate, Transients V2 Original
Patrick Krieger, Monolith
A-Brothers, Drugged Matter, Brian Burger Remix
Hibara, 1310, Submerge Remix
Peter van Hoesen, Last one at 1080
The Advent and Industrialyzer, Phantom Power
Mikael Pfeiffer, Slum, Sutter Cane Remix
Technoyzer, AT7-21
Terence Fixmer,  Things are over, Speedy J
Bleak, ekko
Bang the Box Sample
Jonas Kopp, Anklad
The Advent and Industrialyzer, Rockstar
A.Mochi, Phantom
Hans Bouffmyhre, Easy Meat, Octave remix
Tommy Four Seven, Sor
Angel Alanis, Party Lights
David Stevens, venus, Truncate Remix