Monday 11 June 2012

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#49 Yari Greco


This set was recorded Live @ Enox DjZ Festival 2012.
This is a hot exclusive set on The-Zone Rec. || Podcast || Not to be missed!
We find ourselves before a talent who is answering the call to renovate and re-invigorate the worldwide techno scene: Yari Greco.
Yari is a young italian producer who at the age of 24 years has already passed through the doors of some the most prominent techno labels. And the world is taking notice! Resonance Festival, the most important gathering of Italian techno music, has already succumbed to the raw power and precision of a Yari Greco set.
The 5 May 2012 another great Festival for him in (Spain) as “Special Guest” from Kombination Research Rec. and Naked Lunch Rec. Called to celebrate the 1st Anniversary of Cathouse Booking “Enox DjZ Festival 2012”.
Frank Kvitta has taken him under his wing and The Advent had the honor of presenting him to the world. In short, Yari Greo is already rubbing elbows with techno mainstays like: Dave Clarke and White Noise Radio, A.Paul, Technasia, Samuel L Session, Tiefschwarz, Morgan Tomas, Gayle San, Joey Beltram, Alex Bau, Oscar Mulero, Submerge, Virgil Enzinger, Sutter Cane and many more.