Monday 25 March 2013

The COLLABS with national Fm radio M20 & Trivmvirate Rec

Every Monday morning from 04.00 to 06.00
two hours with some special set from The-Zone Rec and Trivmvirate
on national fm network M2O

For the first “new” show, ready for a real  SPECIAL THE-ZONE PODCAST with:



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#64 Paul Mac


Nick Sinna – Real Time (Conforce Remix)
1Derl& – Section Zero (Mattias Fridell Mix)
Crackboy – User (Paul Mac Re-Edit)
The Exaltics – 002 (Kamikaze Space Programme)
Alex Dolby – Resin
Ritzi Lee – Signal (Sims JFF Edit)
Heiko Laux & Diego Hostettler – Chicken Understood (Truncate Mix)
Paul Mac – Studio Grit
Roberto – Stepping Stone
65D Mavericks –  Estrangement Of The Past (Surgeon Mix)
Conforce – Nomad
Clemens Neufeld – Wicked (G Man Mix)
Andrea Beluzzi – Couch Lock
? – Surveyor  (Audio Injection Mix)
Bleak – Subject Target
Mattias Fridell – Saturnism
Sawlin – Kretze
Go Hiyama – Common Blank (Oscar Mulero Mix)
Flug – Mental Disorder (Jonas Kop Mix)
Paul Mac – First Of Many