Monday 30 January 2012

The COLLABS with national Fm radio M20 & Cannibald Records continue!
Into DARK KNIGHTS Show (Into Soundrize) a SPECIAL THE-ZONE PODCAST with:



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#36 Alex Bau


AlbertoPascual – “bailando (psyk remix)” (analytic trail)
Eigenes Rezept – “knot (brood audio)”
Frankyeffe – “line in” (lost demo)
Mintech – “from fire to hell” (lost demo)
Monoloc – “nohouse” (sleaze records)
Alex Bau – “heartattack” (credo)
Psyk – “throb” (enemy)
Spx – “x-5684” (time to express)
Truncate – “21” (truncate)
Exium – “trashflow (jeroen search remix)” (nheoma)
Reinhard Voigt – “supertiel” (kompakt)