Cave Of Forgotten Dreams EP

The-Zone Records celebrates Christmas 2017 with a great Ep from the Crew that represents the true “Underground Movement of Rome”:
Minimal Rome.
Gianluca Bertasi aka Teslasonic and Valerio Lombardozzi aka Henrich Dressel, start their new project, with the 2 original tracks “Cave of Forgotten Dreams” and “The Whip hand”, set in a dark scenery, with 4/4 rhythm and deep bass interwoven with the melodies of space synths.
While the Remix of “Cave of Forgotten Dreams” signed by Luciano Lamanna,
explodes the urban anger of the deep and distorted bass of the original, ready for an explosive dancefloor

The-Zone Cult opens the new season with another big bet of uncompromising electronica music:
the all-Italian duo “AnyWave” (Arz and Valerio Maina)
Three tracks album with:
“June 3rd” and “July 16th” through a constant bounce at moderate bpm, the vocoder who praise “Music for life” and an 80’s wave influenza synths.
“August 30th” through his 4/4 kick, bleeps and dreamy pads is the soundtrack of a summer full of stellar sunsets and skies.

After his big success on ePM label, italian born Francesco Terranova delivers his new instalment for The-Zone Recors titled Multipurpose EP.
Featuring four tracks of straight techno, Terranova guides the listener through a journey of dub-influenced stabs and percussive drops.

A new great project arrive on The-Zone Cult.
The italian duo Light Spheres (Francesco Cianella and Gianluca Meloni) begins with an all analogs works!
Split between 4/4 rhytmic & break tracks.
A great research for the sounds, atmos, super sought that will involve you from the first to the last note.
The journey begin

Andreas Florin strike back on The-Zone Rec,
with a fantastic techno track and 4 great remixes
by DJ Ogi, Emir Hazir, Plural and Makarov.
Five tracks, five different techno style!
Great Ep for the perfect dance floor Enojy!

Finally, The-Zone Records come back and start this 2017 in the best mood!!
A great production from italian talent M.I.T.A. supported by three incredible remixes
One from the historical DJ Teste (Plus8 Rec) and TWO remixes by Industrialyzer with two different style.
5 Tracks to hear, feel and dance!

Welcome back in The-Zone!!

Coming soon on The-Zone Records
Paul Mac with two powerful techno tracks!


The Legendary HOUZ’MON enjoy The-Zone records family with two amazing tracks! The real soul of Chicago in it!!!
With a very special featuring by another legend “FAST EDDIE” and “MIKEOMAT”
Can’t miss the new incredible release from the CULT series of The-Zone Records!
Out in September

The-Zone records is proud to celebrate the 50th release by returning to the roots!
That’s right, as the first release (TZN001) also the TZN050 is signed by a great techno artist who has always supported the The-Zone family!
Cisco Ferreira aka The Advent
Back in its best with three extraordinary tracks
Two techno bombs: “Traumatized” and “Acid Lips”
with obviously, The Advent’s style, he has and is marking the genre.
And “In My Mind” a masterpiece where we can finally find the extraordinary and unmistakable old Electro-Techno style of The Advent remembering the extraordinary release on Gigolo Records this time with his usually techno-parthner Industrialyzer.
The-Zone & The Advent, come back and strike again!
Welcome to the 50th release, difficult to forget!

The-Zone records è orgogliosa di festeggiare la 50esima release ritornando alle origini!
Proprio così, come la prima uscita (TZN001) anche la TZN050 è firmata da un grande della techno, un grande artista, che da sempre ha supportato il mondo The-Zone:
Cisco Ferreira aka The Advent
Torna al suo massimo splendore con tre tracce straordinarie
composte da due bombe techno “Traumatized” e “Acid Lips”, che calcano ovviamente lo stile recente di The Advent che ha e sta segnando il genere,
e “In My Mind” un capolavoro che ripercorre lo straordinario stile Electro-Techno inconfondibile di The Advent ricordando la straordinaria release su Gigolò Records, con la collaborazione del suo “compagno” techno Industrialyzer.
The-Zone & The Advent, tornano e colpiscono ancora!
Benvenuti nella 50esima release The-Zone, che difficilmente dimenticherete!


Old School is the keyword that best characterizes the sounds from Tunisian artist Dj Mourad.
From Tunis Diaspora crew.
Pioneers of Detroit Techno in Africa, signing the 3rd release on The Zone Cult
with “Southerm Frontier Ep”.
Bass lines, melodies linked to the classical tradition of Detroit Techno. Percussion and
the “classic” 909 are the elements that characterize the two tracks that make up the EP.
“Oozz” is the clear expression of Soul Techno with a spiritual rhythmic groove.
(Oozz, also be released on vinyl for Diaspora216 Rec, continuing this great partnership.)
“Step Out” instead has the full influence of African music. Style that blends the old with new
in a mixture ready for the most sophisticated dancefloor