FM Show – Friday 11 April 2014

  • Special: The-Zone Rec 043 – Richter – Natura Contro EP
  • Live show with NEW Promo & Upcoming Releases
  • Special: Welcome To The Pleasure Dome 19
  • Mix’n’Night with NEW The-Zone Podcasts:
    #84 Dj Wada


The collaboration between The-Zone and the axis Richter-Japan continue with this new Techno production.
The two originals track “Natura Contro” and “Perceptions” by Richter, are an example of the great compositional technique and the continuous experimentation of Richter that adds to the classic style of dark-techno a groove nicely, where pads are supported by deep mental and consists of a rhythmic and percussive elements with voices almost imperceptible .
The 3 remixes are by artists who are now highly visible in the international electronic world:
Dj Wada completely distorts “Natura Contro” through riffs and melodic sounds coming from the culture of video games with the addition of samples of classic old school techno.
DavidChristoph accentuates the darker part in a more European style with a more sustained rhythm where the voice accompanies the journey of pads.
To close Dr.Shingo with his “Perceptions” remix, emphasizes the mental part of the art of Richter through a much more minimal interlocking rhythms powerful.
An EP not to be missed, with a techno of real quality !

Promo & Upcoming Releases Selection

through better works and releases from all over the world

  • Tiga Vs Audion – Fever EP (Turbo 156)
  • Gary Beck – Pure Cane Sugar EP (BEK Audio 018)
  • Brendon Moeller – Reconcile EP (Pomelo Rec 035)
  • Carlo Boselli – Luce Ed Ombra EP (I Cieli Di Orione 037)
  • Tadeo – A Container Of Contradictions EP (M_Rec Ltd Grey Series 008)
  • Dolby D & Positive Merge – Back Up EP (De-Konstrukt 026)
  • Josh Wink – Are You There Remixes EP [Ben Klock RMX] (Ovum Recordings)
  • Tiga Vs Audion – Let’s Go Dancing Remixes EP [Adam Beyer RMX] (Turbo 153)
  • Synthek & Audiolouis – RYC EP (Natch Rec Ltd 004)
  • Mike Parker – Spitting Electricity EP (Mote Evolver 039)
  • Electrorites – Six Sense EP [Logotech Innerview RMX] (Amazone Rec 058)
  • Terence Fixmer – Empire EP (Planete Rouge 1402)
  • Samuel L. Session – Distressed EP (KlapKlap Digital 020)
  • Danny Smith – Desert Dessert EP (Refluxed Rec 041)
  • Pedro Delgardo & Miquel – Bells EP [M.I.T.A. RMX] (Yin Yang Rec 065)
  • Marco Asoleda – Grey EP [Ortin Cam RMX] (Clutch Trax 022)
  • Deh-Noizer & Electrorites – Judas Cradle EP (Nightmare Factory Rec 014)
  • MileSound Bass – Post Mortem Atto I EP (Forevergreen Ltd 002)
  • Kevin Saunderson present Innercity – Bad Girl EP [Kevin Saunderson NYC Club Rmx] (KMS 152)

Special: Welcome To The Pleasure Dome Pt.19

For all the Electronic/Electro music lovers! A remake exclusively for THE-ZONE of the radio program of Exile, that since the nineties until 2003 was broadcast every Friday on Radio Onda D’urto for northern Italy. The event usually is every last Friday of the month ( not this time ;) ), 60-minute electronic atmospheres selected from Exile. Welcome in the temple of the pleasure of listening to electronic music without being tied to gender and time… …Welcome To The Pleasure Dome Pt.19


Vettore Spaziale
– Memory Embraces (Le Galassie Di Seyfert 063)
Exotica – Les arias tropicales (Chambre404)
Kid Machine – Replicants (Viewlexx 023)
Seventh Element – Ponyville 1984 (Promo)
Vogel – Night City Makeup and Vanity Set Remix (
Claro Intelecto – Peace Of Mind Electrosoul (Ai Records 003)
Eduardo De La Calle – Altar De Sacrificio (Cadenza 92)
Bryan Ferry – Don’t Stop The Dance Todd Terje Remix (The Vinyl Factory 089)
Labbratek -Water Ice On Mercury 8.7 Exile Remix (I Cieli Di Orione 036)
Morphology – Inertial Motion (Zyntax Motorcity 09)
Kosmonaute – 11. 1-0 1-0-0 Correct Lo-Fi Electronic Remix  (Supersonic Music Production)
Om Unit – Prawn Cocktail Salva Remix (Civil Music 019)


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with new podcasts to celebrate TZN043 – NATURA CONTRO EP:
+Richter,Dr.Shingo & more

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