FM Show – Friday 11 July 2014

From h.23.00 (Gmt+1)

  • Live show with NEW Promo & Upcoming Releases
  • Reply: Special Tzn044 Official Presentation
  • NEW Top10 Chart – July 2014
  • Bulletdodge Show #5 with Gareth Withehead
  • Mix’n’Night with The-Zone Podcasts

Promo & Upcoming Releases Selection

through better works and releases from all over the world

  • Dave Tarrida – Time Equalizing EP (Bulletdodge Rec 078)
  • The Noisemaker – Travelers EP (Raw Waxes 004)
  • Max M – Vv.Aa. 1002 EP (M_Rec Ltd1002)
  • Mace – Almost Here EP [Fabrizio Lapiana RMX] (Attic Music Vinyl004)
  • Jason Fernandes & The Advent – Fiktion EP (Subfigure Rec 013)
  • Axel Karakasis – Coalesce EP [Mintech RMX] (Torque 011)
  • Leghau – Karma EP [M.A.D.A. & Plankton RMX] (Abstract Animal 006)
  • Frankie Serious – Mnestic/Roaches EP [Luis Flores RMX] (The-Zone LTD 002) Vinyl is OUT!
  • Andrea Greco – Empathy EP [Drumcomplex RMX] (Riot Rec 007)
  • RaÌz – Trascend EP (VRV 002)
  • Robert Hood – Protein Valve Edits EP (M-Plant 021)
  • 2Loud – The End EP [Space Djz & Shin Nishimura Rmxs] (The-Zone Rec 044)
  • Ortin Cam – Blank Slate EP (Naked Lunch 278)
  • Vegim – X42 EP [Deh-Noizer Rmx] (Naked Lunch 277)
  • Space Djz – Invisible Structures EP (Onh.Cet Rec 019A)
  • Booz & Vinz Exe – Rebus EP (TMM Rec 137)
  • Joton – Overdot/ Again Remixes EP [Paul Mac RMX] (Newrhythmic Rec 044)
  • Labarome T.M.I. – Aa.Vv.Monolith 1-4 – ChapterIII Alpha EP (Monolith Rec)
  • Gary Beck feat Debra Debs – Get Togheter EP (BEK Audio 020)
  • Edanticonf – Human Body Movement EP (M_Rec Ltd Grey Series 009)

Reply: Special The-Zone Rec - 044

REPLY for the prev. week special: Tzn044 our new digital release!
Release date: 24 July 2014
Another young Italian artist becomes part of The-Zone family
Luca Lapadula aka 2loud signature “The End Ep”:
2 original high-impact, supported by leading international remixes of artists such Shin Nishimura (Japan) and our bros Space Djz (Uk)
In the original “Bow Down” and “The End” feels a mature evolution of 2loud sound, influenced by the European techno scene,
already proven in the production on Naked Lunch & Italo Business
In Space Djz’s remix “The End” have a big transformation in an even more compelling and hypnotic track with cutting clubbing, where pad and the rhythm seems to go on forever.
Shin Nishimura instead twists “Bowdown” in old school style, growing through a sequence where a low acid, a repetitive and hypnotic voice and a strong rhythmic groove of creating a true dancefloor.

Top10 Chart - June 2014

From June to now the best tunes in “one hour” chart!

01 – Frankie Serious – Mnestic/Roaches EP [Luis Flores RMX] (The-Zone Rec Vinyl Ltd002) OUT!
02 – Frankyeffe – Yes or Not EP [The Advent & Industrialyzer RMX] (Driving Forces Recordings 023X)
03 – Raiders Of The Lost Arp – Vv.Aa. “Happy Jackin’ Birthday!” EP [Takeshi Kouzuki RMX] (Snuff Trax 010)
04 – Jason Fernandes – I Am Here EP [Cari Lekebusch RMX] (Subfigure 012)
– Vegim – Traveller EP (TMMR 133)
06 – James Ruskin – Nan Nife EP (Blueprint 039)
07 – Paul Mac – Vv.Aa. Mutual Vol.1 EP (Amazone Ltd005 Mutual1)
08 – Woo York – Analogue Swamp EP (Planet Rhythm Ltd03)
09 – Anja Schneider – Dubmission EP (Mobilee Rec 130)
– Domenico Donadio – Plastic EP (Le Galassie Di Seyfert 065)

Download online from 30 July 2014

The-Zone present: Bulletdodge Radio Show N.5

The-Zone is happy to announce a new great collabs with
Gareth Withehead and the Bulletdodge Records

Bulletdodge Radio Show
Every 15 days a special show consists of New Music with review by Gareth Withehead and Special Guest interview + Guest Mix
This week we have an interview with
Matthias Vogt
and a mix from House Of Virus

Part I

New Music Presentation
Track 1: Chaty Tamez, Gabriel i – Armanus (Joal Remix) – Selador
Track 2: Heron feat. Ann Saunderson – Swinging – KMS
Track 3: Tommy Vercetti – Big Love – Love Not Money
Track 4: Ger Gleeson – Weekend Millionaires – Endemic Digital
Track 5: Ron Hamelin – Crunch – Bulletdodge Records
Track 6: P-BEN – Dark Day – Restructured

Interview with
Matthias Vogt
Interview Backing Track
Mash – Dexter – Bulletdodge Records
Tom Taylor & Gareth Whitehead – The Beginning (Matthias Vogt Remix) – Bulletdodge Records

Part II
House Of Virus Mix
Track 1: Danny Whyte – Uganda (House Of Virus)[Rezonation records]
Track 2: L8M8 & Damarii Saunderson Feat Tina Akers – The Path (House Of Virus remix)[T.B.A.]
Track 3: Dantiez Saunderson & White Chocolate – Logarythm (House Of Virus remix)[KMS Records]
Track 4: House Of Virus & Marshall Jefferson – Give Me A Kick [Skint records]
Track 5: Cece Rogers – Someday (House Of Virus Classic Mix)[T.B.A]
Track 6 House Of Virus feat. Soliaris – I’m Burning (Gary Caos remix)[Suka records]
Track 7: Inner City – Big Fun (House Of Virus remix)[KMS Records]
Track 8: House Of Virus & Marshall Jefferson feat. Soliaris – Believe In Love (My Digital Enemy remix)[Karmic Power records]
Track 9: Marshall Jefferson feat. Curtis McClain – Move Your Body (House Of Virus remix)[Ultra Music]
Track 10: House Of Virus & Jerome Robins feat. Tom – My Shit [Pacha Recordings]
Track 11: House Of Virus & Dany Cohiba – Can U Dig It [KMS Records]
Track 12: Kevin Saunderson feat . Inner City – Bad Girl (House Of Virus remix)[Kms Records]


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