FM Show – Friday 16 May 2014

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After 2 years…Finally we are on vinyl again!
A great musical journey start…with stop in Italy Germany, Holland and Mexico .
Different approaches in the use of machines and different influences, 3 “Techno Star” as Alex Bau, Luis Flores and Red Square, comparing their styles on Frankie Serious original tracks.
Mnestic / Roaches , 2 mental & hypnotic tracks where thin voices are supported by thumping rhythmic, result: a great techno groove!
The A Side, however, opens with Luis Flores Remix that completely transforms the original Mnestic into a more “clubbing” version by enhancing the groove and the mentality, a perfect and elegant interlocking between voices and chords for a clear reminder of Detroit old school techno, but with whipping snare and other elements creating the perfect ambience in a “cerebral and spiritual traditions of the land of the Maya”.
In the B-side, Red Square open, with great technique, make Roaches full of hypnotism, through repetitive and mental pads combine with a sharp rhythmic creating a totally visionary track.
The latest remix, first of Roaches original that closes the album, is from Alex Bau, where the rhythm and bass swell, becoming more powerful and hard, till to create a difficult job for the subwoofer, in the perfect “Berlin Techno” style but with a Big Surprise waiting to be discovered in the middle of the track that only his genius could invent.
A vinyl that is in fact all a big surprise, track after track, in different styles and interpretations of three great artists on two perfects originals!
Timeline: 23.00 - 01.00

Promo & Upcoming Releases Selection

through better works and releases from all over the world

  • Funk D’Void & Dave Tarrida – Data Reader EP (Autofake 002)
  • Dantiez Saunderson feat. La Rae Starr – The Harp EP [Nathan Surreal RMX] (KMS Rec 155)
  • Nicolas Bougaieff – Pulsar Nite EP [Marc Houle RMX] (Trapez 155)
  • Citizen Kain – Catch The Cat EP (Woh Lab 003)
  • Slam – Minor Interruption EP (BEK Audio 019)
  • Rommek – Thought Patterns EP [Adriana Lopez RMX] (Weekend Circuit 005)
  • Detroit Grand Pubahs vs Space Djz – Wake Up EP [Orig+Ryogo Yamamori RMX] (Torque 009)
  • Hans Bouffmyhre – Where I Belong EP [Giorgio Gigli RMX] (Sleaze Rec 093)
  • Lucas Freire – Living Dead EP [Cisco Arias RMX] (Among Rec 007)
  • Niereich – Drehmoment EP (Amazone Rec 059)
  • Labbratek – End Of The Planet EP (Par Rec)
  • Andres Gil – Perla EP [Danny Smith+M.I.T.A. RMX] (Clutch Trax 023)
  • A.Paul – Reload EP (Naked Lunch 271)
  • Stevie Wilson – Twisted Memories EP (Bass Assault Rec 040)
  • Loso – Karmann EP [Electrorites & Deh-Noizer RMX] (iDark Rec 009)
  • Mr.Jones – Reality Check EP [Inigo Kennedy RMX] (DSNT Rec 004)
  • John Artex – Emblem EP [Daniel Romero RMX] (Data Analoga 025)
  • Giovanni Pasquariello – Il Teorema Del Delirio EP (I Cieli Di Orione 039)
  • Kabale Und Liebe – Realitivity CD/Vinyl (Soweso Rec 019)
  • Knobs – Beats Of Mind EP (Moth Rec )
Timeline: 01.00 - 02.00

Top10 Chart - May 2014

From April to now the best tunes in “one hour” chart!

01 – Richter – Natura Contro EP (The-Zone Records 043)
02 – Tiga Vs Audion – Fever EP (Turbo 156)
03 – Electrorites – Six Sense EP [Logotech Innerview RMX] (Amazone Rec 058)
04 – Josh Wink – Are You There Remixes EP [Ben Klock RMX] (Ovum Recordings)
05 – Tadeo – A Container Of Contradictions EP (M_Rec Ltd Grey Series 008)
06 – Fabrizio Lapiana – Antimatter Vol.3 EP (Attic Rec 003V)
07 – Psyk – Time Foundation LP (Mote Evolver LP002)
08 – Terence Fixmer – Empire EP (Planete Rouge 1402)
09 – Miki Craven Feat. Detroit Grand Pubhas – Ya Feelin Me EP [Space Djz RMX] (Outpost Rec 021)
10– Alavux – Ambience EP (Bass Agenda Rec 009)

Download online from 30 May 2014

Timeline: 02.00 - 05.00


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