FM Show – Friday 21 March 2014

  • Live show with NEW Promo & Upcoming Releases
    Exclusive set by:
    Electric Indigo, Silvia Trix
    Eve-Lys, De Monique

Live Show with Promo & Upcoming Releases Selection

through better works and releases from all over the world

  • The Micronaut – Panorama Album CD (Acker Rec Cd004)
  • Micol Danieli – 030Wax EP [The Plant Worker RMX] (030Wax 001)
  • Albert Kraner – Binary Code EP [Go!diva RMX] (Label Code Rec 057)
  • Korova – Blue Knife EP (RSVD 002)
  • AIMA & Positive Merge – Number 2 EP (The-Zone Records 042)
  • George Lanham & Mr. Jones – Broadband Collaborations III EP (The Public Stand 027)
  • PVS – Vv.Aa. Knife EP (030Wax 001)
  • Oscar Mulero – Electric Storm EP [Sigha RMX] (PoleGroup 022)
  • Alex Under – Teletienda EP (Trapez 153)
  • Hugo Paixao – Synth Collision EP (Skyline Type Grooves Rec 040)
  • Arnaud Le Texier – Rotation EP (Affin Ltd 015)
  • Kaelan & Z.I.P.P.O. – Bounder EP [Mark Broom Edit) (Suburban Avenue 001)
  • A.Trebor – Vv.Aa. Embark 04 EP (Trapez Dig Comp004)
  • Cristian Varela – Pornogames EP [A.Paul RMX] (Yin Yang Rec 060)
  • Jose Pouj – Stealth Fragments EP [Jonas Kopp RMX] (Injected Poison Rec 007)
  • Pedro Delgardo – Metropolis EP [Spiros Kaloumenos RMX] (Yin Yang Rec 062)
  • Delko – Acid Control EP (Propellant Music)
  • Soundset & Danny Smith – Overboard EP [John Mitchell RMX] (Clutch Trax 021)
  • Dantiez Saunderson & John Norman – Resonance EP (KMS 146)

Mix'n'Night Special TECHNA

For the rest of the night, a great special
to remember the International Women’s Day
The-Zone present:
Special Techna
TECHNA means Techno from the perspective of women.
The goal of the party is to be able to involve international artists too, always women

An amazing techno party in Rome
for second time on 22th March 2014

and tonight on The-Zone show
with four female Djs you can’t miss to hear:



De-Monique (Roma)
Eve Lys (Paris)


Electric Indigo ( Wien)
Silvia Trix (Roma)