FM Show – Friday 21 November 2014

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  • Live show with NEW Promo & Upcoming Releases
  • Reply: Tzn046 Official Presentation
  • Special: Robert Hood – 20 Years of M-Plant
  •  Top10 Chart – November 2014
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Promo & Upcoming Releases Selection


Only one hour of Live show! After, everybody at Rashomon
for the 7 years of Traintek with our bros THE ADVENT & INDUSTRIALYZER!!

  • Robert Hood – 20 Years Of M-Plant Music EP (M-Plant Rec)
  • Adam Beyer – You’re The Same (Truesoul Rec)
  • Clio – The Beautiful Forces EP [Thomas Schumacher RMX] (Metroline Limited 066)
  • Luke Vibert – Halloween Pt.2 EP [Tom Demac RMX] (Hype Rec 041)
  • Alexi Delano – Magnetic Lush EP [Tadeo RMX] (Kolon Trax 001)
  • Anthony Hypster – Aa.Vv. Rebels V1 EP (Riot 018)
  • Overall Severity & Fabrizio Lapiana – 1003 EP (M_Rec Ltd 1003)
  • Will Kinsella – Writing EP (Kombination Research 085)
  • Danny Smith – Rumbite EP [Bas Mooy – Ortin Cam – Xpansul RMX] (The-Zone Rec 046)
  • Niereich – Non-Existent Patricia EP (De-Konstrukt 038)
  • Arnaud Le Texier – Aa.Vv. Algorhythms EP (Retrometro 025 )
  • Red Square – Steam EP (Shifted Soul Rec 001)
  • Angy Kore – Disturbs EP (Wild 001)
  • Xhei – Aa.Vv. Limited G 006 (Limited G)
  • Tom Hades – Aa.Vv. 1st Years Of Among EP [Axel Karakasis RMX] (Among Rec)
  • Fabrice Lig – Galactic Soul Odyssey EP (Planet-E)


Reply Special The-Zone Rec - 046 - Rumbite EP

The-Zone Records celebrates Christmas 2014 with a great gift from Scotland
Rumbite Ep
5 tracks signed by great names: From the original by Danny Smith, Clutch Traxx’s label owner and already blown by IDJ Magazine, to the remixers: 3 big names in techno scene as Xpansul, Ortin Cam and Bas Mooy already known in labels as Plus 8 Abyss and More-Evolver.
In the original versions of “Numero & Rumbite” the joint between rhythm, bass and pad, takes us back to an hypnotic “Old school” style, emphasizing the strong influence of Uk late 90s.
The remixes of Rumbite, by Ortin Cam and Bas Mooy, highlight and exploit the full power and hypnotic rhythm. From an even more minimal with the addition of continuous rolled progressive to a more “lysergic” through in a more aggressive and darker combined with a repetitive pad.
The remix of “Numero” is signed by Xpansul, a perfect in Detroit “Techno clubbing” style. with clear reference to the style of Jeff Mills’s Axis.
For a big Techno-Christmas!

The-Zone Records festeggia il natale 2014 con un grande regalo dalla Scotland
Rumbite Ep
5 tracce firmate da grandi nomi, dagli originali di Danny Smith, label owner della Clutch Traxx ed artista già conclamato da IDJ Magazine, ai 3 remixers, grandi nomi del mercato discografico internazionale come Xpansul, Ortin Cam e Bas Mooy già conosciuti su Plus 8, Abyss e More-Evolver.
Nelle versioni originali di ”Rumbite e Numero” l’incastro tra ritmica, bassi e pad, ci riporta ad uno stile ipnotico Old school sottolineando la forte influenza techno-industrial dell’isola britannica degli anni ’90.
I remixes di Rumbite, by Ortin Cam e Bas Mooy, evidenziano e sfruttano a pieno il potere ipnotico e ritmico dell’ original, da una visione ancora più’ minimale con l’aggiunta di continue rullate progressive, ad una visione più “lisergica” attraverso una sonorità più aggressive e scure unite a un pad ripetitivo.
Xpansul firma il remix di “Numero”, trasformandola in una track di stampo Detroit -Techno Clubbing di chiaro riferimento alla stile Axis di Jeff Mills.
Per un grande Techno-Natale!

Special: 20 Years of M-Plant by Robert Hood

Another great album coming
We already present into “Promo & Upcoming Releases Selection”
Now, we present for you all three discs….FULL!

Top10 Chart - November 2014

From Ocotber to now, the best tunes in “one hour” chart!

01 – Adam X – Irreformable LP (Sonic Groove Cd/Lp 001)
02 – Maxime Dangles – Aa.Vv. In & Out EP (Skryptom 021)
03 – Luke Vibert – Halloween Pt.1 EP (Hype 040)
04 – Josh Wink – Aa.Vv. Four Jacks Pt.2 – 15 Years Of Poker Flat EP (Poker Flat)
– Red Square – Organic EP (Driving Forces Recordings)
06 – A.D.V.E.N.T. & M.I.T.A. – Level Down EP [The Advent & Industrialyzer RMX] (Kombination Research 084)
07 – Frankyeffe – Come On EP [Luigi Madonna RMX] (Riot Rec 010)
08 – A.Paul – Mindgame EP (Naked Lunch Lp D69)
09 – Alen Milivojevic & Steve Mulder – Chemistry EP [Axel Karakasis RMX] (Yin Yang Rec 089)
– John Tejada & Arian Leviste – Aa.Vv. 10 Years Of Systematic LP (Systematic Recordings)

Download online from 30 November 2014


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