FM Show – Friday 22 March 2013


  • Special: The-Zone Rec 035-SPACE DJZ
  • Live show with NEW Promo & Upcoming Releases
  • Top10 Chart March 2013
  • Special Djset by D’ARCANGELO
  • The-Zone Podcast
Timeline: 23.00 - 23.00


Here comes the second EP signed Space DJZ the great English duo back on The-Zone Records with a great job. “The Dark Side of Techno” is expressed by a thin line between oldschool style to a Newschool that only the great experience of this duo, now part of history, has been able to expertly packed. “Booster Intro”, totally Ambient, opened just this futuristic scenario through dark synths and a very deep sounds of industrial machinery. With Robotic Refuel and Inject & Generate, tracks we hear a powerful rhythmic sequences composed of deep Kicks, Hit Hat and resonant percussion, synths combined with deep and dark, creating a scenario in which we seem to hear the screams of mechanical monsters that herald a revolution against the power of man. Two Tracks that are reminded a little of the famous TheMover’s productions. The “late night” version of Robotic Refuel recall the Detroit’s style, more clubbing, underlining once again the origins, by those who know them well, the world Techno. SPACE DJZ, ROBOTIC REFUEL EP,  TZN035 soon on The-Zone website too! Release Date: April 2013

Timeline: 23.30 - 01.00

Promo & Upcoming Selection


  • AHK & Direct Y – System Damnation EP [Ice One & The Electro Disceples RMX] (Nodezero Electronics 001)
  • Soul Clap – The Alezby Inn Remixes Ep [Egyptian Lover RMX] (Wolf+Lamb 029)
  • AnnV – re_Mixes Pt.2 EP [Exile RMX] (Le Galassie Di Seyfert 056)
  • PVS – Temporal Excursus EP (CRS Rec 025)
  • Pushykiller – Mr Finger EP (Nfr Records)
  • Unu – Patience EP (Machine Rec 008)
  • Albert Kraner – Fight For Life EP [Deh-Noizer RMX] (iDark Rec 006)
  • Acidulant – Trivmvirate Digital 006 EP (Trivmvirate Rec 006)
  • Luigi Acid Machine – Uncertain Future EP (Cannibald Rec 030)
  • Silence Of Space – Morphing Shaft EP (Reaktivate Rec 016)
  • Kristian Heikkila – Skog EP [Andrea Belluzzi RMX] (Natch Rec 007)
  • Mark Morris & Unam Zetineb – Un Estudio Particular EP (Ktrtsukuyomi 006)
  • Mikael Pfeiffer – Rave Olution EP [Subfractal RMX] (Eklero 109)
  • Darkcell – Texture EP (Fluxus Digital 016)
  • Spiros Kaloumenos – KR067 EP (Kombination Research 067)
  • Jan Fleck – Purgatory EP (Hybrid Confusion 037)
  • Electrorites – Favor05 EP (Favor Records 005)
  • Mike Rud, Microcheep & Mollo – Bambarda EP (Shout Rec 080)
  • Fractious  – Undermood EP [Frankyeffe RMX] (Trapez Dgt 141)
  • Amirali – Melancholia EP (Crosstown Rebels 109)
  • Fabio Scalabroni  – Otro Mundo LP (Biorecordings 011)
Timeline: 01.00 - 02.00

Special Set by D'ARCANGELO

Il primo grande viaggio sonoro in esclusiva per The Zone all’interno del mondo dell’electronica d’autore  guidato dai fratelli D’Arcangelo , protagonisti ormai della  grande famiglia Rephlex Records di Mr Aphex Twin : un percorso  cultural/sperimentale nell’electronica cult che ha segnato momenti di storia importante ed ha fortemente contribuito alla sua evoluzione. Dai Mirrors ai Suicide passando per John Foxx ed i Yellow Magic Orchestra per capire ed analizzare meglio le fonti dell’electronica moderna.Un’appuntamento imperdibile per i collezionisti della musica





Timeline: 02.00 - 03.00

Top10 Chart - March 2013

From February 2013 to now the best 10 hits “now out in stores”
in one hour chart!

01 – Logotech – Hypnotic Deluxe EP  [Audio Injection RMX] (The-Zone Rec 033)
02 – Dadub – Preternity EP [Lucy RMX] (Stroboscopic Artefacts 016)
03 – Uto Karem & Umek -Eternity EP (Agile Rec 016)
04 – Angy Kore  – Peligro EP [Dandi & Ugo RMX] (Amazone 043)
05 – Aconite – Ambitus EP [Hardfloor RMX] (Mittel Zum Zweck)
06 – Cristiano Balducci – Mondo Beat EP (Black Catcher Rec 018)
07 – Jason Fernandes – My World EP (Skyline Type Groove 034)
08 – Sapko  – Sorry I Disturb You EP [Electrorites RMX] (Hard Drive Rec 012)
09– Marc Romboy & Ken Ishii – Tayo EP (Systematic Recordings)
10 – AnnV – AnnV Remixes EP [Teslasonic RMX] (Le Galassie Di Seyfert 055)

Also on Resident Advisor soon
Download online from 30.03.2013

Timeline: 03.00 - 05.00


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