FM Show – Friday 25 July 2014

From h.23.00 (Gmt+1)

  • Live show with NEW Promo & Upcoming Releases
  • Special Preview: Prisma Ep first Lius Ep!
  • Special: Calcatronica Festival Official Presentation
  • Top10 Chart – July 2014
  • Mix’n’Night with The-Zone Podcasts

Last Season Show!

Here’s the final season show!
Over two hours and 30 minutes through News, Special, Chart and many more
Mat in Live onair with Amptek, Stirpe999 and Lius
Listen everything…enjoy the show!

Below the complete program show,
but one only button to hear everything!

Special: CALCATRONICA Official Presentation

The-Zone in consolle!!!

2nd edition of electronic music festival of Calcata (VT) august 15, 16 and 17

Three days and three nights of music and nature, technological music in ancient etruria

Wired Society in collaboration with the Municipality of Calcata, Musica Machina, Eclectic Productions with the help of Music IS. MIDIWARE and Cherubini is proud to present from the afternoon of the 15,16,17 of August:


Festival of Ambient, Electro, Techno, Experimental music in the medieval historic center of Calcata and it’s confining forestal area


So happy to announce!! The-Zone’s going to Japan!
After over 20 years of career, LIUS finally became a producer!
His first release with Nexus

Also their remix for APSARA EP

We enjoy in this wonderful preview for other two summer release from The-Zone…from Lius!!!

Promo & Upcoming Releases Selection



OUR WEEKLY SELECTIONS through better works and releases from all over the world

  • Freaks – Psych LP (Rebirth 029cd)
  • Matteo Spedicati – Never Let Us Go EP (Alfa Romeo Recordings 006)
  • The Acid – Fame Remixes EP [Factory Floor Dub RMX] (Flatlife Dgt 004)
  • Monobox – Film / Rectangle EP (M-Plant Rec 022)
  • Jesty – High EP [Silvia Trix RMX] (Plettro Rec 24)
  • Kastil – Binary Star EP [Eomac RMX] (Sn1207)
  • Luca Margarita – My Self EP [Sebastian Krenzlin RMX] (Riot Rec 008)
  • Moses – Get Started EP [Micheal Schwarz RMX] (Wall Music 035)
  • Exium – A Sensible Alternative To Emotion Remixes EP [Silent Servant, Jonas Kopp, Oscar Mulero RMXs] (PoleGroup 025)
  • Frankie Serious – Mnestic / Roaches EP [Remix by Luis Flores, Alex Bau, Red Square] (The-Zone Ltd 002) OUT|
  • 2Loud – The End EP [Original & Shin Nishimura Rmx] (The-Zone Rec 044)
  • MM:MS – Sector One EP [Solenoid RMX] (Writtentozero Rec)
  • Pedro Delgardo – Metropolis EP [Gene Karz & Maller – Irregular Synth  RMX] (Yin Yang Rec 077)
  • Space Djz – Invisible Structures EP (Onh.Cet Rec 019A)
  • Twist3d – Modular EP [Chamomile Rmx] (TMM Rec 138)
  • Uakoz – No Remorse EP (De-Konstrukt Rec 031)
  • DRH – CRS8.0 EP (CRS 008)
  • Roundhead – A Glimpse Into The Sky EP (Login Rec 066)
  • Freaks – Psych LP [feat. Robert Owens] (Rebirth 029cd)

Event Reminder: Free Field Fest 2014

During the radio show
special guest: Stirpe999
to remember the great:
Free Field Fest with The-Zone in consolle!!!

Official Blogspot for Lineup and complete program&infos:

4 Days of pure electronic dance music with great names incl. The-Zone’s Team
Big guest as: Anthony Rother, Mike Dred, Arnaud Rebotini, Leo Anibaldi and many many many more!
We discover togheter all the programs and the sounds!

Top10 Chart - July 2014

From June to now the best tunes in “one hour” chart!

01 – Frankie Serious – Mnestic/Roaches EP [Luis Flores RMX] (The-Zone Rec Vinyl Ltd002) OUT!
02 – Frankyeffe – Yes or Not EP [The Advent & Industrialyzer RMX] (Driving Forces Recordings 023X)
03 – Raiders Of The Lost Arp – Vv.Aa. “Happy Jackin’ Birthday!” EP [Takeshi Kouzuki RMX] (Snuff Trax 010)
04 – Jason Fernandes – I Am Here EP [Cari Lekebusch RMX] (Subfigure 012)
– Vegim – Traveller EP (TMMR 133)
06 – James Ruskin – Nan Nife EP (Blueprint 039)
07 – Paul Mac – Vv.Aa. Mutual Vol.1 EP (Amazone Ltd005 Mutual1)
08 – Woo York – Analogue Swamp EP (Planet Rhythm Ltd03)
09 – Anja Schneider – Dubmission EP (Mobilee Rec 130)
– Domenico Donadio – Plastic EP (Le Galassie Di Seyfert 065)

Download online from 30 July 2014


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