FM Show – Friday 31 January 2014

From h.23.00 (Gmt+1)

  • Live show with NEW Promo & Upcoming Releases
  • D’Arcangelo – CORE #4 Mixed Vers.
  • Special: Welcome To The Pleasure Dome 17
  • Live show with NEW Promo & Upcoming Releases
  • Mix’n’Night with NEW The-Zone Podcasts:
    #77 Gene Karz & #78 Roxy Tripp

Promo & Upcoming Releases Selection

through better works and releases from all over the world

  • Kris Menace – The Entirety Of Matter EP (Compuphonic Rec)
  • Mario Giardini – Motion Sequence EP (Le Galassie Di Seyfert 062)
  • Zoiberg – Body Motion EP (Black Sam Rec 011)
  • Alessio Mereu – Vv.Aa. Hand Out Extended Chapter EP (Amam Extra 002)
  • Ken Karter – Synapse 006 EP (Kript Synapse 006)
  • Unperson – Stream Of Consciusness EP [Orig+Samuli Kemppi RMX] (Raw Waxes 002)
  • P Ben  – Half Life EP (Motech 051)
  • Pascal Roeder – Vv.Aa. Limited G 002 EP (Limited Rec 002)
  • Tiga Vs Audion – Let’s Go Dancing EP [Adam Beyer RMX] (Turbo Rec 153)
  • Alfredo Caforio – 1 Week EP [Truncate RMX] (Transition Lab Rec 002)
  • Alexey Volkov – Interwave EP (Planete Rouge 1401)
  • Stefano Infusino – Atypical Matter EP [A.Trebor RMX] (Amazone 056)
  • Gadevaan – Dolphin Skin EP (Parallel125 Rec 115)
  • Alan Fitzpatrick & Jon Gurd – N Trap EP (Explore.Search,Discover Rec 052)
  • Jason Fernandes – Dutch Courage EP (Codeworks Rec)
  • Space Djz – Stones & Bones EP [Danny Smith RMX] (Clutch Trax 020)
  • Audiomotor – Vv.Aa. Structures Vol.3 LP (Naked Lunch LPD 062)
  • Loudon Kleer – Catharsis EP [L.K. RMX] (Onh.Cet 012)
  • Andrei Morant – Game Over EP (Naked Lunch 259)
  • Tom Cohen – Audio Eject EP [Stevie Wilson RMX] (Bass Assault Rec 036)
  • A.Paul & Dolby D – Vv.Aa. Grey Area 4 LP [Dolby D RMX] (Parallel125 LP10)
  • Marshall Jefferson – Vv.Aa. Nasty Rips & Shifting Peaks EP [Trevino’s Instrumental Mix] (Speak 016)
  • Aux88  – Shari Vari Remixes EP (Puzzlebox 025)

SPECIAL: D'Arcangelo present CORE #4

A great journey through electronic music in its genesis. Though it may not have a proper timeline, the core runs through several musical moments where the electronic instrument replaced the classic one while allowing eager musicians to embark on a new trip towards programming their own music. From experimental to synthpop and then to early electro until our times.



Playlist #4
The Human League
– Interface
The Twins
– Birds And Dogs
Absolute Body Control
– Figures
Clara Mondshine – Memorymetropolis
Depeche Mode – Photographic
Gino Soccio
– Remember
Die Form – Slavesex
– Alhara
John Bender – 33a1
– Eisbär
Linear Movement
– The Game
Bazar – Elettrochoc (Extended version)
Moderne – Indicatif
Robert Gorl
– Mit Dir (Extended)
The Actor – UCX-S
The Neon Judgement – The Fashion Party
Man Parrish
– Techno Trax
– Clear
William Onyeabor
– When The Going Is Smooth & Good

Special: Welcome To The Pleasure Dome Pt.17

For all the Electronic/Electro music lovers! A remake exclusively for THE-ZONE of the radio program of Exile, that since the nineties until 2003 was broadcast every Friday on Radio Onda D’urto for northern Italy. The event usually is every last Friday of the month ( not this time ;) ), 60-minute electronic atmospheres selected from Exile. Welcome in the temple of the pleasure of listening to electronic music without being tied to gender and time… …Welcome To The Pleasure Dome Pt.17


– 202/202/303/303/606 (Kontra-Musik ‎029)
Greg Beato -Who’s The Licho In Charge Ovaa Here (Apron Records ‎007)
Duplex -First Day Jx3PO (Dolly 16)
Max Cue – Leaving Planet Earth  (Cinematique ‎048)
Le Carousel – Winter Months The Hacker Remix (MIXMAG 12/13)
Carlo Boselli – Biglia Blu (I Cieli Di Orione033)
The Advent-Electric Pandemic Steve Rachmad Sterac Electronics Remix (H.Productions 074)
Melogik – Modular Visions  (Le Galassie Di Seyfert 061)
Joe Goddard –  Bassline ’12  (Greco-Roman ‎031V)
Figure Study – Answers  (Dark Entries ‎053)
Mario Giardini AKA Macro DJ – Vertigo Dance (Le Galassie Di Seyfert 062)


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