FM Show – Friday 5 February 2016

ON-AIR LIVE with MAT & LIUS From h.23.00 (Gmt+1)

  • 2hours Live show with Promo&Upcoming Releases
  • Special: KR100 Releases by TheAdvent
  • Mix’n’Night: The-Zone Podcasts

Promo & Upcoming Release - Presentation&Reviews

Two hours live show with “New Promo & Upcoming Releases” Playlist.
With the best tunes, selected through hundreds of weekly promos

  • The Frozen Autumn – Time Is Just A Memory EP (Dark Entries 108)
  • Kiem – Feeling EP [Darkmode RMx] (Biotech Recordings 048)
  • Lee Van Dowski – Cerca Trova EP (Mobilee)
  • Patrik Carrera – Hopi EP [Mark Broom RMx] (Beard Man Rec 016)
  • A45 – Lack Of Trust In Human Race EP [Tobias RMX] (Engrave Ltd 010)
  • Gruw Frequency – Slapback EP [Silvia Trix RMX] (Plettro Rec 038)
  • Jason Fernandes – Anger Leads To Shame EP (SubFigure 017)
  • Paul Mac – Archive Vol.9 EP (Stimulus 009)
  • Gennaro Mastrantonio & Billy Johnston – Basement Noise EP [Samuel L. Session RMX] (Yellow Tail Rec 101)
  • Pucet – In Lap EP [Primal Beat RMX] (We Call It Hard Rec 044)
  • MTD – Lobotomy EP [Conrad Van Orton RMX] (Tangram 002)
  • Surgeon – Search EP (Blueprint Rec 044)
  • Mattias Fridell – Ethos Apotheosis EP (Lateral Fragments 009)
  • 4NY0N3 – Anywhere EP (W0rkt34m 009)
  • Vegim & A.Paul – Aa.Vv. 10 Years Of TMM Rec Compilation EP (TMM Rec 171)
  • Lester Fitzpatrick vs Geto Man – Anywhere EP (Noire Music)
  • Alavux – Plant EP (Advanced Rec 028)
  • Electrorites – Labyrinth EP (Wild Rec 008)
  • Chiara Kickdrum – The Nature Of Time EP [Jani Ho RMX] (Finn Audio 1012)
  • Wolfsheim – The Sparrow And The Nightingales EP (Dark Entries 107)

Special: Kombination Research 100 - Released!

In 1998, some 12 years after Cisco Ferreira aka The Advent started materializing his musical vision, he established the Kombination Research label.
Initially it was an outlet for Cisco’s innovative techno and electro cuts under his The Advent moniker.
That changed in 2006: the twentieth release on the label was a collaboration with Davide Squillace called ‘Bike On The Rocks / Changing Guards’.
From that moment on, the label would include practically everything: solo releases by The Advent himself, collaborations with other artists, and solo work by other artists, the only consistent factor being that the label was always on the forefront of international techno.
Though the imprint went digital in 2005, everything in the period from 1998-2005 was never released digitally… Until now. The label is nearing its 100th release and to celebrate, KR100 will consist of a collection of all the tracks that weren’t released digitally.
And to top it off, the release will also feature some previously unreleased work from The Advent, plus a segment recorded from a live set he did at the Motor club in Detroit, back in 1998. So gear up for a collection of both fresh cuts and cuts from the vault…




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