FM Show – Friday 8 March 2013


  • Live show with NEW Promo & Upcoming Releases
  • Special: Live Onair by GYMMY J
  • NEW Top10 Chart March 2013
  • Special: We Love Rec. – Derrick May & Jimmy Edgar Mix
  • The-Zone Podcast all night

Promo & Upcoming Selection

  • Darkmode – The Bellville Three EP (Biotech Recordings 024)
  • Temporal Transmission – Sculpture 9 Ep (Sonntag Morgen 024)
  • Ali Love feat. Kali – Emperor EP [Maceo Plex Disco RMX] (Crosstown Rebels 108]
  • Danny Daze – The Calm EP [Dexter RMX] (Ellum Audio 012)
  • Marco Asoleda vs Divai – Vv.Aa. 8 Years Of Amazone Records EP  [Perc RMX] (Amazone 044)
  • Sawf – Skotos EP [Henning Bear RMX] (M_Rec LTD 016)
  • Dying Bakarat – Archive A EP [Logotech’s Innerview RMX] (Par Recordings 025)
  • Logotech – Prehypnotic Deluxe EP [Audio Injection + Space Djz RMX] (The-Zone Rec 034)
  • Dj Rush – She’s Fine EP [Gary Beck RMX] (BEK Audio)
  • Space Djz – On The Never Never EP [Audio Injection RMX] (Clutch Trax 012)
  • Ken Ishii – The Buddha’s Ear EP [Ben Sims RMX] (Impact Mechanics 062)
  • Joton – Crs24 EP (C.R.S. Recordings 024)
  • Lxs – Kr066 EP (Kombination Research 066)
  • Dave Clarke – Windsome To The Wise EP [Steve Rachmad RMX] (Boysnoize Rec 102)
  • Renato Figoli  – Funkoholic EP (Amam Rec 025)
  • DJ 3000 – Balance EP (Motech Rec)

Liveset Onair GYMMYJ

Ready to bring techno made in Italy in Zurich, for the closure of historical local
“Oxa” (9.March2013),
(the best djs of latest two years)

Guest tonight live on his set in exclusive preview

Top10 Chart - March 2013

From February 2013 to now the best 10 hits “now out in stores”
in one hour chart!

01 – Logotech – Hypnotic Deluxe EP  [Audio Injection RMX] (The-Zone Rec 033)
02 – Dadub – Preternity EP [Lucy RMX] (Stroboscopic Artefacts 016)
03 – Uto Karem & Umek -Eternity EP (Agile Rec 016)
04 – Angy Kore  – Peligro EP [Dandi & Ugo RMX] (Amazone 043)
05 – Aconite – Ambitus EP [Hardfloor RMX] (Mittel Zum Zweck)
06 – Cristiano Balducci – Mondo Beat EP (Black Catcher Rec 018)
07 – Jason Fernandes – My World EP (Skyline Type Groove 034)
08 – Sapko  – Sorry I Disturb You EP [Electrorites RMX] (Hard Drive Rec 012)
09– Marc Romboy & Ken Ishii – Tayo EP (Systematic Recordings)
10 – AnnV – AnnV Remixes EP [Teslasonic RMX] (Le Galassie Di Seyfert 055)

Also on Resident Advisor soon
Download online from 30.03.2013

Special "We Love Records" : Derrick May & Jimmy Edgar Mix

Detroit is the undisputed father of techno. Stark and powerful, the iconic sound that gave hope to an otherwise lost city spawned a global movement in music.
We Love Detroit takes a look at one of the protagonists of the story of the birth of techno “the innovator” Derrick May. Examining the journey of techno from conception, its explosion onto the international scene and back to its rediscovery by a new generation inspired by the groundbreaking journey of their hometown predecessors.
We see how almost twenty years later Jimmy Edgar and his contemporaries have taken inspiration from the City and the people who created an entire subculture and they have expanded on, making their own interpretations and once more putting Detroit on the map as one of the most important cities in the electronic music world.
Derrick May’s selection throws light on pivotal moments in techno’s formation. Tracing contemporaries that wore into the landscape to classics from masters that are still as relevant today (Carl Craig and KiNK), his Detroit is bursting with energy and desperate for change. In contrast, Edgar uncovers a new dawn for the city. His chosen tracks are still potent and raw but also majorly as yet unheard.
Onair the full mixed album presentation!



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