The-Zone Radio – Friday 2 September 2016

IT Time: 23.00 – UK Time 10pm – pick yours!

  • 2Hours live with: New Season presentation
    The-Zone Latest release (The Advent + Dj Mourad)
  • Special The-Zone Cult 004 with Houz’Mon
  • The-Zone Top 10 Chart – Summer
  • Mix’n’Night: The-Zone Podcast

Special: The-Zone Cult 004! Houz'Mon - Jump EP



Exclusive Full Presentation

The Legendary HOUZ’MON enjoy The-Zone records family with two amazing tracks! The real soul of Chicago in it!!!
With a very special featuring by another legend “FAST EDDIE” and “MIKEOMAT”
Can’t miss the new incredible release from the CULT series of The-Zone Records!
Out in September

New Season Presentation

tzn050_bigTZNCLT003_sitoYeah! We start again!
New season and biggest news
From the labels to the radio show, ready for another great years at The-Zone!
We start again “Promo&Upcoming release presentation and review” in a couple of weeks! We currently collect all the best tunes from the summer!
Meantime, we take a look back with latest two release from our two labels
The-Zone Records & The-Zone Cult:
The Advent – In My Mind EP (TZN050)
Dj Mourad – Southern Frontier (TZNCLT003)


Top10 Chart - Summer 2016

Our personal pick! The best 10 tunes for this summer!

1- The Advent – In My Mind EP (The-Zone Records 050)
2- Julian Winding – Aa.Vv. Neon Demon O.S.T. LP (Milan Records)
3- Aki Bergen & Richter – Distance EP (Subjekt / Armada Music)
4- Jason Fernandes – Zone4/Backward Circuit EP (Skyline Type Grooves 044)L’Escalier Remixes EP [Extrawelt RMX] (Traum V200)
5- The Advent – In My Mind EP (The-Zone Records 050)
6- Frankyeffe – Trenta Remixes Pt.3 EP [The Advent & Industrialyzer RMX] (Riot Recordings 037)
7- Carl Finlow – Aa.Vv. Split EP (Bass Agenda 044V)
8- Oliver Kucera – As It EP (Your Mother Naked Rec)
9- The Hacker – Aa.Vv.Touched Bass – A Compilation For Macmillan Cancer Support EP (Bass Agenda Rec Tb001)
10- This Soft Machine – It’s Operational EP (Eskimo Rec)

Mix'n' Night

For the rest of the night:


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