The-Zone Radio – Friday 7 October 2016

IT Time: 23.00 – UK Time 10pm – pick yours!

  • First Hour live with: Promo&Upcoming
    Releases presentation&reviews
  • Special: TZN051 Paul Mac official pres.
  • Second Hour: Djset Live Onair by
    Marco Micheli
  • NEW Top10 Chart – October 2016
  • Mix’n’Nigh till 07 am!!
    Music all night with The-Zone Podcasts
    and closing by KRAFTWERK – Live ’81

Special: The-Zone Records 051! Paul Mac - What's That EP



Exclusive Full Presentation

A very special preview from our next The-Zone Records!
The first for the new season, out between September and October (T.b.c.) signed by Paul Mac (Stimulus Rec)
We’re working now on the final cover and start promotion! But we need to hear one time togheter before summer! :)

Promo & Upcoming Release - Presentation&Reviews

First hour live with “New Promo & Upcoming Releases”
With the best tunes, selected through hundreds of weekly promos in this playlist

  • DML – The Chemistry Of Boredom Ep (Broque 114)
  • Azo and Kamikaze Mary – Aa.Vv. New Acid Order Vol.2 Ep (We Play Acid 002)
  • Le Chocolat Noir – Aa.Vv. New In The Dark Again 6 Ep (In The Dark Again Rec 006)
  • Ben Pest – I Love Acid 11 Ep (I Love Acid Rec 011)
  • Dj3000 – Until It’s Gone EP (Motech Rec 098)
  • Dangeli – Mantra EP (Riot Recordings 044)
  • Héctor Oaks – Uno EP (Oaks Rec 001)
  • Luigi Tozzi – Mefite EP [The Gods Planet RMX] (Mental Modern 005v)
  • Picotto & Frankyeffe – Prestige EP (Alchemy Rec 070)
  • Mattias Fridell – The Tasker EP (Decoder Rec 002)
  • Turbo Turbo – Inner Walls EP [Dan Curtin RMX] (GND Rec 103v)
  • Radial – Bona Fide EP (Mord Rec 033)
  • Dan Curtin – Neuron City EP [Submerge & Steve Poindexter RMX] (Impact Mechanics 078)
  • Alexis Tyrel – Know It When You See It EP (Lessismore Rec 001)
  • Soul Cap feat. Phill Celeste – Timespent EP (!K7 Records)

Special: Marco Micheli Djset Live Onair

Un grandissimo ospite, un fratello di The-Zone.
Uno dei simboli della techno anni 90 a Roma e non solo.
Special Djset Live Onair by:


Top10 Chart - October 2016

The-Zone-Cult-004-clean-DEF-V3-transparent-1100x1100From September to now, the best 10 tunes in one hour chart!

1– Houz’Mon – Jump Ep (The-Zone Cult 004)
2– Zeta Reticula – EP 5 (Electrix Rec)
3– Jason Fernandes – Gravity Relentless EP (Subfigure Rec 024)
4– Ben Long – Sonic Amo Vol.1 – (Epm Music Records)
5– Black Catcher – Secrets & Lies EP (Cheat Music 004)
6– James Ruskin – Conspiracy Ep (Blueprint Records)
7– Hobi – Hingrance – (030 Records)
8– Electrorites – Structures Lp (Nightmare Factory Records
9– Mark Broom – Dust EP (Beard Man Rec 020)
10– Lionel Weets – Guardian of my mind – (Motech Records)

Free download available: 30 October 2016

Mix'n' Night

After The Live Show,
Music All Night! NEWW: TILL 07 AM!!

+Special Closing:
Live concert by Kraftwerk in Tokyo 1981 !!










Official on iTunes too!

**Don't Forget** OUT NOW! THE-ZONE CULT 004 - HOUZ'MON - JUMP EP



The Legendary HOUZ’MON enjoy The-Zone records family with two amazing tracks! The real soul of Chicago in it!!!
With a very special featuring by another legend “FAST EDDIE” and “MIKEOMAT”
Can’t miss the new incredible release from the CULT series of The-Zone Records!
Out in September