The-Zone Radio – Tuesday 10 October 2017

OnAir live with Mat&Mik
IT Time: 23 – 08 – UK Time 10pm – 07am
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UK Time 10pm – 07am

  • Live show with: Promo&Upcoming
    Releases Top10 of the month
  • Special: TZNCLT007 with Anywave
  • LIVEset Onair by: ANYWAVE
  • The Best Tune Of The Month Sept.17
  • Mix’n’Nigh with:
    Music all night with The-Zone Podcasts
    with: Lisa Oakes
    and special closing:
    Spiros Kaloumenos
    – Unlocked Paths LP

Special: The-Zone Cult 007 - Anywave - Endless Summer Night EP

The-Zone-Cult-007-V1-TRANSPARENTLive Arz and Valerio Maina will present us
their EP on The-Zone Cult


Exclusive Full Presentation

The-Zone Cult opens the new season with another big bet of uncompromising electronica music:
the all-Italian duo “Anywave” (Arz and Valerio Maina)
Three tracks album with:
“June 3rd” and “July 16th” through a constant bounce at moderate bpm, the vocoder who praise “Music for life” and an 80’s wave influenza synths.
“August 30th” through his 4/4 kick, bleeps and dreamy pads is the soundtrack of a summer full of stellar sunsets and skies

Live Show: Promo & Upcoming Release - Presentation&Reviews


First hour live with “New Promo & Upcoming Releases”
With the best tunes, selected through hundreds of weekly promos in this playlist

  • D&S – Thoughts EP (Orbis Rec 003)
  • Tiga vs Audion – Nightclub EP Remixes [Anna Rmx] (turbo 194d)
  • Paul Mac – Sunday Session Vol.2 LP (Stimulus Rec 049)
  • Makaton – All Kneel EP (Blueprint Rec 051)
  • Aitor Ronda – Moss EP (Riot Rec 068)
  • Cari Lekebusch & Nima Khak – Crazy Mazy EP (H-Production X094)
  • Andre Crom – Rhea EP (Sleaze Rec 135)
  • Spiros Kaloumenos – Unlocked Paths LP (Focus Rec 052)
  • Edge Of Motion – Entity EP (Edge Of Motion Rec 004)
  • Orlando Voorn & Paty Pat – Drift EP (Subspec 058)

Live Show: LIVEset onair Live by ANYWAVE

anywaveAfter presenting their next album, we find Arz and Valerio Maina as the weekly guests, with a special Liveset Onair:


The best 10 tracks from September - Only music!

One hour with the best 10 tracks (not in order of ranking)
on The-Zone in September –

  • Esteban Adame – Aa.Vv. EPM Selected Vol.5 EP (ePM Music 055)
  • Igors Vorobjovs – In The Dark Again 08 EP (In The Dark Again)
  • Manny Cuevas – Thee Jackin’Zone EP (Snuff Trax 017)
  • NX1 – NX1 Remixed EP 2 [Scalameriya Rmx] (Nexe 002)
  • Mark Broom – King EP [Gary Beck Rmx] (ePM Music 054 )
  • Cari Lekebusch – Hide And Seek EP (H-Production 035)
  • Drumcomplex – Gravity EP (Complexed Rec 040)
  • Industrialyzer – Amplify EP (Codeworks 029)
  • D.Carbone – Dance With Me EP (Green Fetish Rec V002)
  • Phunkadelica – Intergalactico EP (Engrave Ltd 017)

Mix'n' Night

lisa_oakesAfter The Live Show,
Music All Night! TILL 07 AM!!
starting with new one by:
and special closing:
Spiros Kaloumenos – Unlocked Paths LP

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