The-Zone Radio – Tuesday 23 January 2018

OnAir live with Mat+Mik & the crew
IT Time: 23 – 08 – UK Time 10pm – 07am
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UK Time 10pm – 07am

  • 2 hours Live show with:
    Promo&Upcoming Releases
  • Special THE-ZONE CULT: Abacom System – Ever’75 EP
  • Mix’n’Nigh – Music all night with:
    The-Zone “Guest Onair” mix
    The best Djset onair in latest week

Special: The-Zone Cult 008 - Abacom System - Ever'75 EP


Exclusive Full Presentation

The-Zone Cult opens 2018 celebrating the debut of an Italian artist, audio engineering, which has its roots in the city of Rome:
Eclectic and pure analog: Abacom System with Ever’75
The 3 tracks that make up the release represent a path of his musical influences and his studies and experiments in electronic music.
Basslines grooves, pads melodies … remind us of the Detroit Techno influences and the Chicago Acid House, with a wink at the Italo-disco.
Good listening in what the artist himself calls “sick techno”.

Live Show: Promo & Upcoming Release - Presentation&Reviews


Two hours live with “New Promo & Upcoming Releases”
With the best tunes, selected through hundreds of weekly promos in this playlist

  • Dany Rodriguez – Intergalactic Frequencies Chapter 2 CD (RMRI 003)
  • The Mighty Raptus – Cave Of Forgotten Dreams EP (The-Zone Rec 055)
  • Christopher Coe – Headland EP [Fabio Neural rmx] (Awesome Sound Wave 001)
  • Lindwood – Light Has No Shadow EP [DJ T-1000 rmx] (Hike Rec 004)
  • Acidulant – Boring Kingdom EP (Balkan Vinyl 023)
  • Laval – Twsr EP (Stockholm LTD 049)
  • Cari Lekebusch – Boring Kingdom EP (Balkan Vinyl 023)
  • Ben Long – Intergalactic Frequencies Chapter 2 CD (RMRI 003)
  • Shlomi Aber – Accellerator EP (Drumcode Ltd 021)
  • Strisc. – Insekt EP [Tim Xavier rmx] (Flash Recordings 189)
  • Emmanuel Top – Armaguedon Rubycon EP (OBQ Ltd001)
  • David Carretta – Vicious Game 2018 EP [Orig+Mark Broom rmx] (GND Rec 115)
  • Duellist – Scourge Of The Poor EP [iFormat rmx] (Nightmare Factory Rec 034)
  • Ken Karter – Av_X1 EP (Future Déjà Vu 002)
  • Jokasti & Nek – Aa.Vv. Herdersmat Pt.16-18 LP (Mord H003)
  • Niereich – Aa.Vv. 10 Years Underground Vol.1 EP [Luke Creed & Millhouse rmx] (Gobsmacked Records 167)
  • Arian Faraone – Aa.Vv. Yin Yang Anthems 13 Pt. 1EP (Yin Yang 217a)
  • Andre Crom – Expansion EP (Ovum Rec 293)
  • Congrat – Chord EP (Riot Recordings 074)

Mix'n' Night

mightyraptus terranova_guest darcangelo_djsetAfter The Live Show,
Music All Night! TILL 07 AM!!
Mighty Raptus
KnickKnackYoda Crew
and more!


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