Addictive EP

Here is the second Acid release for The Zone Records.

The first coming from Holland concentrated on the power of the TB303, the second coming from France and signed by a poliartist such as Franck De Villeneuve.

An entire EP where everything blends in a simple and functional way. TB303, kicks, basses, vocals and melodies build a winning sound on dancefloors as well as in your mind.

“Additive” the track that names the EP melts a classical Acid-house Chicago style with a more German’s Kraftwerk type sound.

“Wake up my mind” is based on a hypnotic bass groove with some echoed basslines as well, it reminds the ears of Franky Knuckles’s classic rmxs.

With “Ballade Champetre” you enter the dancefloor and are immediately captured by the warm bass and groove that seize your soul.

Also very interesting work on “My back without stage” a blend between Dub, Acid, Techno and Pop. TB303, piano, vocals and dark rhythms inside this timeless production.


  • Artists: Franck De Villeneuve
  • Title: Addictive EP
  • Cat.Number: TZN012
  • Format: Digital
  • Release date: 2011-02-24


  • Addictive Ramp
  • Ballade Champetre
  • Wake Up My Mind
  • My Back Without Stage