The End EP

Another young Italian artist becomes part of The-Zone family
Luca Lapadula aka 2loud signature “The End Ep”:
2 original high-impact, supported by leading international remixes of artists such Shin Nishimura (Japan) and our bros Space Djz (Uk)
In the original “Bow Down” and “The End” feels a mature evolution of 2loud sound, influenced by the European techno scene,
already proven in the production on Naked Lunch & Italo Business
In Space Djz’s remix “The End” have a big transformation in an even more compelling and hypnotic track with cutting clubbing, where pad and the rhythm seems to go on forever.
Shin Nishimura instead twists “Bowdown” in old school style, growing through a sequence where a low acid, a repetitive and hypnotic voice and a strong rhythmic groove of creating a true dancefloor.



  • The End (Original Mix)
  • The End (Space Djz Remix)
  • Bow Down (Original Mix)
  • Bow Down (Shin Nishimura Remix)