Plankton Bio

Plankton is an French electronic music producer, He began his musical career on June 2009 With his friend Alejandro Trebor, ben Koechlin, M.A.D.A. and Jull’, Together they create the label Tanz Factory Records Ltd.

Plankton is released on Naked Lunch (A.Paul label), STG (The Advent label)Phobiq (Sasha Carassi label), Vokodek, Transmissions (BCR boys label), Flicker Rythm, Hidden, Nachstrom Schallplatten, Sleaze, Phobiq, Android, Amazone, Night Light, Eminor and more.

Work with many great artist: Perc, Sasha Carassi, Truncate aka Audio Injection, Tom Hades, Mike Wall, Octave, Felix Bernhardt, Gennaro Mastrantonio, Cabinman aka dimitri andreas, Mark Morris, Logotech.

In 2011 many project on vinyl: Android, Flicker Rythm. Hidden recording & Pluseins