DubMode/Gradient EP

The 27th release of The-Zone Rec see as protagonists many artists and styles that represent the European
New School of Techno.
Starting with the major exponents of the ukraine techno scene, Woo York with 2 original tracks plus a Tool version coming with the remixes of Spiros Kaloumenos, Simon Hi-Shock, Vegim, Knobs, Jull’ & Plankton, Scout In Bondage (alternative project of Mattias Fridell) and another powerfull Tool signed by Deh Noizer.
All undisputed protagonist of the world Techno market together for a unique project called ‘Gradient/Dub Mode EP.
An experiment that compare the different techincs the remixers with the unmistakable style of the ukraine duo very much appreciate by artist such as Ben Sims , Dave Clark , Peter Van Hoesen , Norman Nodge, Perc , Vince Watson and Shifted characterized from the experimentation of puting together powerfull rhythmic and hypnotic and mental environments.
The two original tracks “ Dub Mode “ and Gradient “ hard kicks, reverberate hithat hypnotic loops and spacial pads create an atmosphere totally dark similar to the environments sound of Jeff Mills.
The remixes of Spiros Kaloumenos, Jull’ & Plankton and Vegim through powerfull kicks, sharp hithat mixed with their style full of energy underline the powerfull rhytmic of the ukraine duo.
The Hypnotic side instead is left to Simon Hi -Shock , Knobs and Scout In Bondage that mix the spacial elements of the original with their style totally mental, they have manage to extrapolate the most experimental part of the Woo York. Closing this double title EP, two Tool, both of the track DubMode, one signed always by Woo York and the second, that close the record, signed by the Italian Deh Noizer.
A real 360° techno –elisir.



  • DubMode Original
  • Spiros Kaloumenos RMX
  • Dj Hi-Shock RMX
  • Vegim RMX
  • Gradient Original
  • Scout In Bondage RMX
  • Jull’ & Plankton RMX
  • Knobs RMX
  • TOOL Woo York
  • TOOL Deh Noizer