Woo York

Woo York Bio

«Live techno music»
Regardless of the meaning one may have vested this expression with, any of those definitions could fit a description of Kiev-based duo Woo York.
Armed with drum machines, samplers and groove boxes, Denis and Andrey are experienced enough to know how to bring a dance floor to life.
Being the residents of the BSF promo group and frequent guest act at the legendary underground institution that «Cinema Club» is, Woo York undoubtedly represent one of the brightest stars of Ukrainian techno scene.
Their recent activities prove that in full extent with the main evidence being their shift towards the more «mature» side both sound-wise and in terms of technological development.
Needless to say that in advance of their debut vinyl record release Woo York’s music has already been critically acclaimed by several prominent techno players out there.
Dave Clarke includes their tunes to his «White Noise» radio show, Xhin spins their record at «Berghain», while the fact of being supported by the likes of DVS1, Peter Van Hoesen, Vince Watson, Ben Sims, Norman Nodge, Perc and Shifted just speaks for itself. Hence, it was no big surprise that the remixes for some of their tracks have been provided by Samuli Kemppi, Unbalance and Audio Injection – by all appearances, we are witnessing a techno history running its natural course here.
At the same time their radio work deserves another bunch of flattering words, providing a proper background to their club-based live performances and DJ sets. Each and every episode of BSF Radioshow hosted by Woo York at DI.FM attracts thousands of listeners and presents guest mixes by Raiz, Audio Injection, Alan Fitzpatrick, Alex Bau, Dr Hoffmann, Unbalance and many others from all around the globe.
So you see that the lack of international support is not exactly the case here …