TraXiss Bio



TraXiss is a group created by two best friends,1 rock and electronic fan (mr jardin) drummer, scratches and FX master, and 1 jazz and funk fan (Luconimo), crazy orgasmic guitar master and keyboards masturbator, playing together since the age of 12.
Those two guys work hard to try making the best funky rock electronic tunes for the people, mixing their both rock jazz funk and electronic influences.

The name “traXiss” comes from one of the first tune they created together, that was in 6th place on the CD, called “track 6” that gives traxiss in French pronunciation.


Began learning drums and percussions at the age of 9, met Luconimo at the age of 12, playing rock together, went to the school “music halle” in Toulouse (drums and electronic intensive section) at the age of 17, Playing for Alcyd 81 (jazz rock jungle) with luconimo, then began making hip hop instrumentals at the age of 21 for many French rap groups, played for “boom shankhar trio” (jazz funk) then play now for traXiss with Luconimo, best friend and musical brother forever…as scratches, beat maker and percussionist.

Still plays with “the burning farts” (rage rock fusion) as drummer and scratches.


Began learning piano at the age of 5 and guitar at the age of 13.

Met Mr Jardin at the age of 13 and began playing rock together.

Was in national music school of France (classical guitar) Learnt in the school “Music Halle” (funk intensive section) in Toulouse at the age of 17, then played with Mr Jardin for “alcyd 81” (jazz rock jungle group).

Went in Music Academy International (Nancy) Guitar jazz funk speciality at the age of 20, then played in the group “boom shankhar trio” (jazz funk group) with mr jardin, then play now with Mr Jardin on traXiss, making a speciality of jazzy funky guitar riffs and solo, and play keyboards and trumpet too.

Also keep composing lot of jazzy funky songs for himself (luconimo on soundcloud).

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