Monday 23 January 2012

The COLLABS with national Fm radio M20 & Cannibald Records continue!
Into DARK KNIGHTS Show (Into Soundrize) a SPECIAL THE-ZONE PODCAST with:

Alejandro Trebor
To celebrate the EP on The-Zone Rec 024 – 13130


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#35 Alejandro Trebor


Alejandro Trebor – Get money (The zone)
Alejandro Trebor – 13130 (The zone)
Cortechs – The bane – Yan Cook remix (Mechno)
A.Trebor & Plankton – Bnv pt2 – Octave remix (Mechno)
Radioslave – Grindhouse – A.Trebor rework (Unreleased)
Bcr Boys – Chaos audio (Nachtstrom Schallplatten)
Xhin & Lucy – Lx2 (Clr)
Masuki – Vix 2 – Edit select remix (Prosthetic pressings)
Nic Fanciulli – Materia – Robert Hood remix (Global underground)
Nagano Kitchen – Black panther (Drumcode)
Timmo – Olive – Perc remix (Brood audio)
Dustin Zahn – Breaking the cycle (Drumcode)
Hans Bouffmyhre – The confession – Mark Broom remix V2 (Sleaze)
Alejandro Trebor – 27 avenue – Dustin Zahn in your system rework (Tanz Factory)
Mike Parker – Pendular vibration (Enemy)