FM Show – Friday 13 February 2015

with MAT & LIUS
From h.23.00 (Gmt+1)

  • Special THE-ZONE CULT 1st release
    Azo & Dj Lovepills – Friday Horror Night EP
  • Live show with NEW Promo & Upcoming Releases
  • NEW: Top 10 Chart – February 2015
  • Special: Aphex Twin “user487363530” Pt.2

Special The-Zone Cult 001 - Friday Horror Night EP


The-Zone present the new CULT collection!
The-Zone CULT (since 2015) will produce and distribute sounds related to “Old School’s” style,
the roots of electronic dance culture.
Electro, Acid-house, Experimental and more gernes.
A new adventure that will captivate everyone, from the “old” lovers to younger!


First release with a big tribute to House and Acid-House Chicago Music.
A sign is very talented Belgian duo formed by Azo (composer and keyboardist) and Dj Lovepills (essential DJ and composer)
with “Friday Horror Night” Ep.
Instrumentation absolutely analog, as the magic box Roland TB 303, the famous Yamaha synthesizers and the legendary drum machine Roland Tr 707.
The EP consists of 4 true “Cult Tracks” remember the productions on historical Marshall Jefferson’s Trax Records, up to those of Adonis and Ralphi Rosario.
A great response, Made in Europe, to the 80s Chicago House and Acid-house music.

Promo & Upcoming Release - Presentation&Reviews

One Hour with only the best sounds

selected through hundred of weekly promos!

  • eCe Boas – Aa.Vv. Pasture – The Future Of Past 3 EP (Broque 103)
  • Mark Henning – Pusher EP (Poker Flat Recordings)
  • Legowelt – Cosmic Space EP (Uttuo 050)
  • The Model – Warehouse Traxx Pt.3 EP (Adult Central 003)
  • Marshall Jefferson – Dancer EP [Jerome Hill RMX] (Super Rhythm Trax 003)
  • Fixon – They Killed Us EP [Ricardo Garduno RMX] (Amazone Rec 063)
  • Alex Dolby – Oman LP (Affekt Recordings Ltd 002)
  • Paul Mac – Unreserved EP (Clutch Trax 031)
  • Hans Bouffmyhre – Cabin Pressure EP [Orig+Developer RMX] (Sleaze 105)
  • Dj Datch – Anthropogenesis EP [nAX Acid RMX] (Resiliens Rec 012d)
  • The Menace & Loca – High EP [Mark Greene RMX] (Yin Yang 106)
  • A.Paul – Mind Games Remixes Vol.3 EP [Spiros Kaloumenos RMX] (Naked Lunch 300)
  • Skream – Still Lemonade EP [Redshapre RMX] (Crosstown Rebels 138)
  • Omar-S feat. James Garcia – I Wanna Know EP (FXHE 018)

Top10 Chart - February 2015

From Christmas to January, the best 10 tunes in one hour chart!

01 – Danny Smith – Rumbite EP [Xpansul RMX] (The-Zone Rec 046)
02 – Robert Hood – 20 Years Of M-Plant Music EP (M-Plant Rec)
03 – Sacerbas – Air Attack EP (I Cieli Di Orione 047)
04 – We Need Cracks – Paper Mill EP [Citizen Kain RMX] (Traum V183)
– Red Square – Steam EP (Shifted Soul Rec 001)
06 – Raiz feat. Permanent Heartbreak – Absence Of You EP (VRV Rec 004)
07 – ID-22 – 1999 EP [Ryogo Yamamori RMX] (951Beat 020)
08 – Paul Mac – Space, Space And More Space EP (Tortured Rec 003)
09 – Abe Duque – Body Of Work EP (Abe Duque Rec 3006)
– Andrew Soul & Paris Brightledge – I Fly Tonigh EP (Snuff Trax 011)

Download online from 28 February 2015

Special: Aphex Twin "user487363530" Pt.2

After the two new releases,
Aphex strikes on Soundcloud
with his secret profile “User48736353001”
and his 101 tracks inside for over 7 hours music!
This week we present the second part
with other 40 tracks.
over 3 hours of pure Afx sounds!