Cells EP

THE-ZONE returns to the sound of Techno. Frankie Serious presents an eclectic 6 tracks EP that involves different subgenres, but with a common attention to the different forms of nowadays Techno.

Everything is enhanced by elements coming from analog synths that warm up the sound and feed it with soul. From the opening first track called “HYBRIS”, where synths and “timestretching” experimentations draw an immediate energetic drive, to the dark and hypnotic sound built up on a deep bassline from the following track: “NOVA”.

“CELLS”, the track which gives the name to the whole EP, sounds personal and intimate: the minimal and hypnotic rhythmic matrix creates a substrate that supports a melodic sharp synth-lead.

“SUBCOLOURS” is a great impact track: dark techno built on a deep bassline, strictly oriented to the dancefloor.

The last 2 tracks are “SONAV” and “RES”: the first one is really essential and, in a different way, “old style”: obviously techno, with some classic percussive elements from past drum machines; the last track, “RES”, is the dirtiest one, including a massive kick that confirms and emphasizes a release which THE-ZONE RECORDS is proud to propose you.


  • Artists: Frankie Serious
  • Title: Cells EP
  • Cat.Number: TZN022
  • Format: Digital
  • Release date: 22 November 2011


  • Hybris
  • Nova
  • Cells
  • Subcolours
  • Sonav
  • Res