Frankie Serious

Frankie Serious Bio

Frankie Serious grows up in Rome with a natural passion for electronic music, in all its forms.

He’s lucky enough to live the birth of acid-house during 80’s and to savour the tentacular evolutions of 90’s Techno.

His  childhood is marked when he meets Lius (The-Zone), an encounter that allows him to musically dig artists like Underground Resistance, Joey Beltram, Plastikman, Speedy J, Lory D, Max Durante, Leo Anibaldi, Aphex Twin and an infinite series of historical names.

At the same time, Frankie starts producing, primarily interested to the slight knowledge of sound synthesis and electronic composition.

He attends the Conservatory – department of  electronic music (contemporary composition), and at the same time he set-up his own small studio, collecting analog and digital instruments.

In 2009 he released 2 EPs on the Max Durante digital label MACROAUDIO, and 2 other tracks (featuring Max Durante) on SINTETICO and PRODAMKEY labels. Generally speaking, Frankie Serious musical approach takes compositional elements from different Techno sub-genres: ambient, acid, electro minimal techno.

He re-interprets his musical experience in an extremely subjective and eclectic way.