Mnestic/Roaches Deluxe EP

After the great succes of the second THE-ZONE vinyl
here’s come the digital version!
A great musical journey start…with stop in Italy Germany, Holland and Mexico .
Different approaches in the use of machines and different influences, 3 “Techno Star” as Alex Bau, Luis Flores and Red Square, comparing their styles on Frankie Serious original tracks.
Mnestic / Roaches , 2 mental & hypnotic tracks where thin voices are supported by thumping rhythmic, result: a great techno groove!
The Ep opens with Luis Flores Remix that completely transforms the original Mnestic into a more “clubbing” version by enhancing the groove and the mentality, a perfect and elegant interlocking between voices and chords for a clear reminder of Detroit old school techno, but with whipping snare and other elements creating the perfect ambience in a “cerebral and spiritual traditions of the land of the Maya”.
Red Square is the second remix, with great technique, make Roaches full of hypnotism, through repetitive and mental pads combine with a sharp rhythmic creating a totally visionary track.
The latest remix is from Alex Bau, where the rhythm and bass swell, becoming more powerful and hard, till to create a difficult job for the subwoofer, in the perfect “Berlin Techno” style but with a Big Surprise waiting to be discovered in the middle of the track that only his genius could invent.
After the original of Roaches (last vinyl track) there are two great BONUS tracks for this digital version: Rails’ Friend & Peak Edit, powerfl and wonderful closing tracks!
A release that is in fact all a big surprise, track after track, in different styles and interpretations of three great artists on two perfects originals and two bonus tracks.



  • Mnestic (Luis Flores Remix)
  • Mnestic (Original Mix)
  • Roaches (Red Square Remix)
  • Roaches (Alex Bau Remix)
  • Roaches (Original Mix)
    Bonus Tracks
  • Rail’s Friend
  • Peak Edit